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Best Professional Kitchen Scales 2022

Inscale stocks a wide range of commercial kitchen scales and professional food weighing scales and is trusted to supply businesses both big and small with accurate, durable weighing equipment. To make purchasing easier, we’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the best professional kitchen scales on the Inscale website for the 2022 year.

We’ve included a range of affordability options, weighing functions and features to showcase a wide variety of food weighing scales that are suitable for a whole host of different food production environments. But before we look at the best profesional food scale for you, it’s a good idea to define exactly what a catering food scale is.

What is a commercial kitchen scale?

Commercial kitchen scales, also known as catering scales or proffesional kitchen scales, are a type of food weighing scale that are designed to be used in professional environments such as restaurants, catering services, cafes and kitchens. Professional kitchen scales have a higher build quality and a greater array of weighing functions than regular food weighing scales for home use, allowing for them to deal with repetitive, rigorous use more comfortably. They may also come with IP ratings to make them water resistant, or with trade approvals that may be required for your business depending on what subjects you are weighing.

Please visit out blog for more information on understanding IP ratings or trade approvals.

Adam ASC Astro Food Portioning Scale (No Longer Available as of 2023)

The Adam ASC Astro Food Weighing Scale is a versatile and durable compact scale from British manufacturer Adam Equipment. The ASC comes with a complete stainless steel design, which is perfect for cleaning down after use and staying hygienic when weighing flour, meat or liquids. This is one of the best commercial kitchen scales for anyone looking for an affordable food scale that is the perfect fit for simple, quick weighing tasks where an easy to use instrument is needed.

Inscale IWS Waterproof Bench Scale

Our own IWS Waterproof Scale is tried and trusted food weighing scale and is a great addition to any company needing a simple to use, affordable instrument with a level of waterproofing. The impressive IP68 rating means the IWS can be fully submerged when cleaning, and the full stainless steel design allows for the scale to be kept hygienic at all times. It also features a simple colour coded four button interface with a unique bright, easy to read red LCD display.

Adam ABW ‘Aqua’ Washdown Bench Scale

The ABW Aqua range is one of the most popular washdown scales from Adam Equipment and is a truly versatile food weighing scale. It boasts an impressive IP67 rating which allows for the Aqua to stay protected when weighing messy subjects, which in turn means it can be kept clean and hygienic by spaying down or even full submersion. The Aqua Washdown Bench Scale features a useful percentage weighing function that can be used to accurately mix together multiple ingredients – perfect for making cakes or baking bread – as well as checkweighing and counting functions that can be used to for batch weighing for catering services.  

A&D HL-WP Compact Washdown Scale

The most compact food weighing scale on this list, the A&D HL-WP Compact Washdown Scale is a brilliant instrument for smaller scale companies that are limited on space, such as cafes or food vans. This is an IP65 rated food scale, which is strong enough to deal with splashes of water, with another full stainless steel design. The HL-3000WP and HL-LWP models are also trade approved for selling subjects based on weight, and all models come with A&D’s 3 year warranty for peace of mind.

A&D SK-WP Series Stainless Steel Waterproof Scales

A&D SK-WP Series Stainless Steel Waterproof Bench Scale

The SK-WP Stainless Steel Waterproof Bench Scale is another IP65 rated bench scale with trade approval (apart from SK-5001WP and SK-30KWP models). It features a unique curved stainless steel weighing pan that is perfect for weighing loose items such as coffee beans or grains, or for weighing cuts of meat or fish. The SK-WP also features the most impressive battery life of any scale on this list – a hugely impressive 1200 hours – making this one of the best food weighing scales for any environment without access to a mains power supply.

Kern FXN Professional Waterproof Bench Scale

For a truly high-quality food weighing scale with a wealth of features, the Kern FXN Professional Waterproof Bench Scale is a fantastic option. It is best suited to catering businesses that weigh out food items in batches, thanks to a checkweighing function with audible and visual signals and a responsive display that gives accurate weight readings within 2 seconds. It also comes in a trade approved version as well for legally selling by weight.

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