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A Complete Guide to the Adam CB Compact Balance

The CB Compact Balance from British weighing scale manufacturer Adam Equipment is a versatile compact weighing balance that is used in a variety of industries, with a maximum capacity of 500g to 3000g and a readability of 0.1g to 1g. It’s combination of affordability and robust design make it one of the most popular compact balances currently on Inscale – so let’s see what it can do:

Benefits of using the CB Compact Balance

The CB is one of Adam Equipment’s most popular, affordable portable compact balances, offering a sleek, lightweight and compact design that makes transporting easy and simple. This also allows for the balance to be stacked and stored in store cupboards and prep rooms to save on storage space.

The CB Compact Balance also features a robust, one-piece plastic housing alongside a grade 304 stainless steel weighing pan that is both tough and durable, whilst also offering protection from any potential chemical spills. A sealed keypad protects the internal components of the CB Compact Balance from dirt, dust and spills, whilst also allowing for easy cleaning after use.

The CB is accessible and easy to operate for users of all experience levels, with a three button design which makes for an uncomplicated weighing experience. The bright green backlit LCD display also gives clear weighing results regardless of light conditions.

Who uses the CB Compact Balance?

The CB is a versatile compact balance that can be used in a number of environments and industries which require a strong, sturdy balance with a small footprint.

For classrooms, the CB is a simple and reliable compact lab balance that can be used to teach younger students about weight and basic weighing scale operation. The plastic and stainless steel design is easy to clean and means that the CB is protected from any potential spills that might come as a result of messy experiments. It is battery operated which allows it to be used in areas without an electricity socket, such as small classrooms or field work. The CB Compact Balance is also stackable to make storing quick and simple.

The CB is a great compact weighing balance for kitchens and can give reliable, basic weighing results quickly. Its compact design means that can fit in small kitchens with limited counter space, whilst the sealed keypad with durable one-piece plastic design protects the CB from any food items or spills from damaging the internals of the device. This allows for the device to be sprayed and wiped when necessary, keeping it clean and hygienic at all times.

How to use the CB Compact Balance

The CB Compact Balance prides itself on being easy to use thanks to its simple display and straightforward operations. The CB comes with 2 x AA batteries included, which can be changed by removing the cover on the underside of the balance. The display will show either ‘Lo’ or a flashing battery symbol to indicate that the batteries must be changed.

Set up the CB Compact Balance on a flat surface that is free from any excessive vibrations, using the adjustable plastic feet and bubble indicator to readjust.

The ‘Power’ key can be used to turn the balance on, and the ‘Mode’ key can be used to change the units (g, oz or lbs). The ‘Zero’ key is used to zero your balance, or tare the weight when weighing with an empty container.

How to calibrate the CB Compact Balance

Calibration of the CB Compact Balance is quick and simple, and can be achieved externally using M1 class calibration weights.

Begin by turning the scale on and setting to zero. Next, hold both the ‘Mode’ and ‘Zero’ button together for around 5 seconds until the display shows internal codes value, then press mode key to display ‘Call – (xxxx)’, where (xxxx) is the full capacity weight value. Finish by simply adding the relevant calibration weight as displayed. Calibration is now complete and users can begin weighing.

If you require a Trade Approved compact scale, we recommend the A&D EW-i Everest Series Approved Precision Balances.

For any questions about the CB Compact Balance, please contact us and we will be happy to help. Our phonelines are 01908972660 or you can Get In Touch.

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