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5 Recommended Butcher Scales

4 Recommended Butcher Scales

Meat is a significant portion of the typical UK diet, which means that butcheries will always be in demand to provide high-quality protein products. To meet this demand, however, butchers must invest in butcher scales. This blog will give details on what a butcher scale is, what butchers use them for and which weighing scales are best for the job.

What is a Butcher Scale?

A butcher scale is a scale that’s used to weigh meat and other products that butcher shops sell. Butcher scales can be trade approved or not, depending on what you need to use them for. Butcher scales are different than regular weighing scales because they have features and applications designed to keep up with busy, messy shops on a day-to-day basis.

What Do Butchers Use Weighing Scales For?

Butchers can use weighing scales for a variety of purposes. First, meat is typically ordered by weight. A customer may ask for five kilograms of beef or two kilograms of turkey. Even when ordering by number, such as six sausages, the purchase price may be decided by the total weight. According to UK law, a trade-approved butcher scale must be used when selling meat by weight to customers. A trade approved scale has certified accuracy, guaranteeing that the customer is getting what they pay for, and the butcher isn’t giving away any product for free.

A butcher scale can also be used to accurately determine inventory. When meat arrives at the shop, it’s a good idea to check what’s there by weight. This will be useful when figuring out how much product has been sold throughout the day and help keep track of when to order more meat to be delivered. In this case, a trade approved scale is not necessary.

Butcher cutting meat

What Types of Weighing Scales do Butchers Use?

Butchers need weighing scales that are durable and easy to clean with handy features to make their lives easier. For example, each of the scales below offers an optional rechargeable battery so you can use them anywhere. Now, let’s look at why else these scales suit a butcher shop!

1.     Adam Aqua ABW-S

Capacities: 4000g – 32000g

Readabilities: 0.1g – 2g

Any butcher knows the importance of hygiene when working with meat; bacteria is no joke. Adam’s Aqua ABW-S Waterproof Bench Scale is IP68-rated for full and total protection against water and dust ingress, making it extremely easy to clean. Its stainless steel construction discourages the growth of bacteria and is highly robust for ultimate durability. Whether you submerge the scale in water or spray it with a hose, the ABW-S can handle it and get right back to providing exact results for a long time to come!

2.     Adam Swift SWZ

Capacities: 1.5/3kg – 15/30kg

Readabilities: 0.5/1g – 5/10g

Adam’s Swift SWZ is a trade approved price computing scale, perfect for a butcher shop. The SWZ can convert the weight of meat into an equivalent price for the customer. With over 100 PLUs (Product Look Up), the SWZ enables you to enter the unit price for your 100 most popular products, to be recalled instantly by typing in the PLU number for that item. All three results, the weight, unit price and price to pay will be displayed on both the front and back of the scale for your convenience!

3.     Inscale IWS

Capacities: 3kg – 30kg

Readabilities: 0.5g – 5g

Our Inscale IWS Waterproof Bench Scale is IP68-rated and constructed from durable stainless steel, so it can handle damp, wet, humid and dusty environments – like a butcher’s shop – with ease! IWS scales also have a built-in checkweighing application, so you can set high and low weight limits and be notified by way of an alarm when a product surpasses or goes below those limits. This can come in handy if individual products, such as meatballs, need to be all about the same weight!

4.     A&D SW Series

Capacities: 6kg – 150kg

Readabilities: 2g – 50g

A&D’s SW Series has an IP69k rating, making it suitable for high temperature, high-pressure hosing and cleaning, as opposed to IP68, which is better for low-temperature cleaning. When premium protection is paramount, this scale is the best choice for you. The SW series has high-capacity and large pan options for heavier cuts of meat. Weighing thirty steaks stacked on top of one another? No problem. This is the most expensive scale on the list, though its benefits are worth the investment!

Do you have questions about which butcher scale is right for you? Contact the Inscale team at 01908972660 or Get In Touch.

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