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5 Benefits of Using an Industrial Weighing Scale with a Printer

In industrial settings, you may be weighing hundreds of products each day, which is why it’s so crucial to be organised and thorough. With an industrial weighing scale and printer, you can guarantee that anything you weigh will be recorded accurately, so you don’t have to worry about missing numbers or mistakes. In this blog, we’ll go through the top five benefits of using an industrial weighing scale with a printer, as well as which of each is best for the job.

5 Benefits of Using an Industrial Weighing Scale with a Printer

  1. Create a Hard Copy of Weight Readings

It’s important to have a hard copy of your weight readings so that you can start a thorough, accurate record. This will allow you to look back on data from weeks, months or years ago and determine what may have changed over time. Having a hard copy can keep you consistent and on track – if your system is working, there may be no need to fix it! However, when changes do need to be made, a hard copy of weight readings from your industrial weighing scale can help you make informed decisions. Then, once the changes have been made, you can monitor the progress as your record keeps growing.

  1. Find Inconsistencies

Once you’ve begun recording your weight data, you may discover some inconsistencies that aren’t supposed to be there. Catching these inconsistencies early will prevent any long-term issues and will ensure that your company stays reliable in the eyes of dealers or end-users. Without an industrial weighing scale with a printer, you may be at risk of serious oversights.

  1. Prevent Human Error

Keeping records of weight data with a pen and paper runs the risk of errors caused by a worker misreading the results on the scale or sloppy handwriting rendering your records useless. Humans make mistakes, it’s a part of life! That’s why we rely on technology. Our industrial weighing scales with printers take the human out of your records and print automatically as the results pop up on the scale.  

  1. Create Labels to Attach to Shipments

Label-printing scales can print labels as well as record weight, allowing you to get multiple applications in one product. Because the printer and scale are connected, there is almost no chance of error, as opposed to receiving labels from a third party. Plus, you can create custom labels on the software itself, with any information that you deem necessary. 

  1. Show Compliance

Using a printer with your industrial weighing scales will ensure that your data and records are compliant with guidelines for your industry about keeping accurate records. Being compliant with guidelines means that your records and data are dependable, reproducible, and consistent. This inspires a high level of trust in your company from dealers and/or end users.

Printers that Can Connect to an Industrial Scale

Adam ATP2 Thermal Printer

Adam’s new ATP2 Thermal Printer is ideal for use with most Adam balances and scales through its RS-232 interface. With its compact and efficient design, the ATP2 occupies minimal space. This printer is perfect for recording weight data.

AE 503 Label Printing Indicator

Adam’s AE 503 can be connected to any Adam platform scale easily through its RS-232 interface. Its built-in printer can print weight, QR codes, bar codes and labels in numerous languages. It also has parts counting, checkweighing  and more. If you need a printer that is more advanced than simple weight records, the AE 503 may be for you.

Industrial Scales That Can Connect to a Printer

Adam Gladiator Waterproof Floor Scale

Capacity: 8kg – 300kg

Readability: 0.2g – 10g

Adam Equipment’s Gladiator range is built to last with an IP68 rating and a large grade 304 stainless steel pan, perfect for dirty or messy industrial environments. Simply wash down the pan and it’s ready to begin weighing again! With an optional RS-232 interface, Gladiator provides a speedy connection to printers, allowing you to print your results easily.

Gladiator’s trade-approved range is available here!

Adam Cruiser CKT

Capacity: 4kg – 48kg

Readability: 0.1g – 0.5g

Adam Equipment’s Cruiser Bench Checkweighing Scale is a highly accurate industrial scale that is perfect for applications such as stock taking, warehouse inventory management and health supplement production, amongst others. With basic checkweighing and parts counting operations, it can be used for a variety of purposes, including counting small tools, parts and screws, for example. With its RS-232 or optional USB interfaces, the CKT easily connects to a printer for precise records every time.

Adam Cruiser CCT

Capacity: 4kg – 48kg

Readability: 0.1g – 0.5g

The CCT Cruiser Counting Scale is the partner to Adam’s CKT, built to offer intelligent counting functions that help speed up and improve the accuracy of inventory checks or stock taking. The CCT also has an RS-232 or optional USB interface, because this partnership wouldn’t be complete without a printer.

Adam PT with AE403 indicator 

Capacity: 1 tonne – 3 tonnes

Readability: 200g – 500g

Adam’s PT with AE403 indicator is built to weigh pallets, crates and large containers in hectic factory and industrial warehouse environments. It is designed and manufactured from thick 8mm channel tube and has full welded joints, making it is truly robust and durable compared to lesser quality platforms. The PT has a diamond-plate surface for optimal stability and removable ramps to make loading and unloading easier. With such reliability, any printer connected to the PT through the RS-232 interface is guaranteed to record accurate results.

Adam BKT Label Printing Bench/Floor Scale

Capacity: 8kg – 600kg

Readability: 0.1g – 50g

Sturdy and durable, Adam’s BKT Label Printing Bench/Floor Scale is unique from the others on this list in that it has a built-in printer with the ability to print weight, labels, QR codes and bar codes in several languages. With the printer built-in to the scale, you can save space that would otherwise be taken over by wires and additional devices that you would need to set up. If it’s convenience you’re after, the BKT is the best choice for you.


Do you have questions about which printer or industrial weighing scales are right for you? Contact the Inscale team at 01908972660.

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