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Professional Weighing Scales and Balances UK
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UK Bribery Act

The UK Bribery and Corruption Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act - apply to all Inscale businesses and transactions.

In any business transactions with any Inscale company:

  1. It is forbidden to make any financial payments or bribes to employees or individuals and third parties that have dealings with employees of Inscale.
  2. It is forbidden for Inscale employees to make any gifts, goods or services to, companies, individuals, third parties, government officials or public office employees that have dealings with Inscale or employees of suppliers.
  3. Any hospitality offered by Inscale to companies, individuals, third parties, government officials or public office employees must first be approved by Senior Management at Inscale before it is made, any hospitality must be reasonably associated with business needs and will have an overall financial restriction applied. It should not be normal for hospitality to be offered and is considered to be very occasional.
  4. No employee of Inscale is to solicit or accept a bribe, payment, gift on behalf of the company or as an individual. Hospitality may be accepted with prior agreement from Inscale Management.
  5. It is forbidden for any employee to make a payment, bribe, gift to customers or employees or associates of customers in order to secure a sales order or order for services.
  6. If the company is made aware of, or finds evidence of any breach of the above conditions, this will constitute a failure of duty and a breach of the relevant act.
  7. If anyone has information or suspicion that an employee is contravening the Bribery and Corruption Act then please contact us.