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Platform Scales

Platform Scales are used to broadly describe weighing scales that have larger weighing surfaces than those found on a typical bench. The weight indicators often tends to be separate from the platform, or weighing surface, enabling the indicator to stand to one side out of the way, mounted on the wall or as in some case mounted on a pillar.The benefits of using a larger weighing platform, is that much larger items can be weighed easier.

Digital weighing scales such as the GFK and GBK bench checkweighing scale can be used without the pillar assembly and can also be used on work benches, they do not have to be used on the floor. The larger platform scales are used for pallet weighing typically in warehouses or dispatch departments, some variations can be pit mounted (lowered into the floor) enabling pallet or fork lift trucks to stand on them with the items being weighed. A lower cost version of this is the pallet truck with a built in weighing scale. Wash-down fully stainless steel versions can also be provided, these are ideal for use in the food, vet and pharmaceutical industries where hygiene is critical and the environment needs to be cleaned.

Inscale's range of platform scales can be used effectively as animal scales, with many of our veterinary scales coming complete with dynamic weighing options that are specifically designed with animal weighing in mind. Platform scales are perfect for weighing small to medium-sized pets such as dogs, especially the wash-down variety.

Platforms come in various sizes and capacities, please contact us if your require help when selecting the right platform scale for your needs!

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  1. ABK Bench Weighing Scales

    ABK Bench Weighing Scales

    Capacity Range:
    8000g to 120kg

    Starting at £287.00

    The Adam Equipment ABK and AFK scales are solidly built to deliver reliable performance and effortless weighing. Designed for rugged industrial applications, the sleek, stainless steel IP66 indicator with superior sealing protects from dust, ensures longevity. Learn More
  2. A&D GP IP65-Rated Industrial Precision Balance | Inscale UK

    A&D GP IP-65 Industrial Precision Balances

    Capacity Range:
    30kg to 100kg

    Starting at £1,654.00

    GP industrial precision balances are perfect for industrial laboratories, combining levels of precision found in top-grade precision balances with a durable aluminium and corrosion-proof stainless steel construction for withstanding harsh industrial warehouse and testing environments. Ideal for working with products that produce spills or debris. Learn More
  3. A&D GP Trade Approved Industrial Precision Balance | Inscale UK

    A&D GP IP-65 Industrial Trade Approved Precision Balances

    Capacity Range:
    12kg to 102kg
    M This range has trade approved models available.

    Starting at £1,540.00

    GP industrial trade approved precision balances come with IP65-rated casing for significant water and dustproof protection. Trade approved models of the GP have been fully UK certified for weighing goods that may be bought, sold or traded by weight. Learn More
  4. CPWplus Large Platform Scale

    CPWplus 75L Weighing Scales Special

    Capacity Range:

    Starting at £159.00

    The CPWplus 75L platform scale is a multi-purpose compact weighing scale, used for many every day applications, such as parcel weighing, but increasingly very popular with diet clubs and individual weighing, due to the light weight and portability of the scale. This model is not supplied with wheels or lifting handle, image is generic for this range. Learn More
  5. Inscale Bench Scale (IBS)

    Inscale IBS Bench Scales

    Capacity Range:
    15kg to 120kg

    Starting at £179.00

    The Inscale IBS Bench Scale comes with a Stainless Steel Checkweighing Indicator (IWI- IP68 waterproof) rated ideal for industrial type environments. This scale can easily fit on a worktop or workbench surface and includes checkweighing and parts counting functionality. Learn More
  6. SE Washdown Scales - Discontinued

    A&D SE High Performance Waterproof Scales

    Capacity Range:
    30kg to 150kg
    M This range has trade approved models available.

    Starting at £448.00

    A&D's SE waterproof scales feature epoxy-treated load cells and robust stainless steel platforms ideal for withstanding rigorous weighing applications in food production factories and commercial retail warehouses. The SE range of platform scales are fully UK trade certified for selling goods by weight. Learn More
  7. DS Industrial Platform Scale | Inscale UK

    Kern DS Platform Scale

    Capacity Range:
    3000g to 150kg

    Starting at £405.00

    The Kern DS Platform Scale is a multi-functional weighing machine with an IP65 rated display. With its freely programmable weighing units, as e.g. for the length of strings in g/m, density in g/cm³, paper weights in g/m², etc. This scale is ideal for the determination of weight for paper or in the textile industry for the determination of the length of strings. Learn More
  8. GBK Bench Checkweighing Scales

    GBK Bench Checkweighing Scales

    Capacity Range:
    6000g to 150kg
    M This range has trade approved models available.

    Starting at £235.00

    Adam Equipment GBK platform bench scales offer speed, performance and value. The GBK offers all the features needed for weighing, check weighing with LED limit indicators and parts counting with fully selectable sample or unit weight. Durable build for a variety of industries, the GBK bench scale can meet the demands of warehouse, production floor and general industrial, medical applications. Learn More
  9. Adam Equipment CPWplus L Weighing Scales | Inscale UK

    CPWplus L Weighing Scales

    Capacity Range:
    35kg to 300kg
    Has Trade Approved Models:

    Starting at £199.00

    CPWplus L weighing scales have a 600mm x 900mm platform size and a max weight capacity of 300kg ideal for weighing products in bulk. The scale's lightweight construction and integrated steel handle attachment only found on CPWplus L series models, allow the scale to be easily tilted onto wheels and transported across a warehouse or factory floor with minimal effort. Learn More
  10. SFB Stainless Steel Platform Scale

    Kern SFB Stainless Steel Platform Scale

    Capacity Range:
    50kg to 300kg

    Starting at £840.00

    The Kern SFB Stainless Steel Platform Scales offer a high level of protection being IP65 rated, these scales are made from Stainless Steel making these platform scales a good choice for the food industry and other wet environments. Learn More
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