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Trade Approved Scales for Retail Use

Our range of UK trade approved price computing scales and retail scales for selling products by weight. The scales and balances in this section can be commonly referred to as Trade Approved; this simply means that they can be used in any application for verifying the weight of a product which is sold by weight, or to ensure accurate contents on labelled packaged goods.

A good example of a scale that can be used for verifying by weight is the commercial retail or shop scale. These scales typically have a front and rear display that allows the customer to see the total price and weight whilst the user operates the scale on the front display. In your local supermarket they are used to weigh fresh produce, meats and dairy, which are sold to you by weight and the price calculated at the checkout. Retail scales usually have PLUs (price look-ups) built into the internal memory of the scale in order to quickly recall price totals for specific products.

Packaged products are viewed differently and the law relating to the weight contents is designed to ensure that the item being purchased has a minimum content weight. One particular example for the cosmetics industry are skin creams and lotions, on the container there is a weight and an "e" symbol. This means that the contents of the container are not less than the weight indicated. A product like this has to have been weighed on a trade approved scale.

Medical scales that are used for diagnostic purposes also have to be trade approved, this relates to recent laws that govern this requirement. This ensures that scales used by doctors and other professional staff are fit for purpose and the weights are accurate.

Trade approved is a terminology used to broadly describe a category; the same products can also be referred to as Trade Stamped, Verified, Class III or Class II, EC Stamped, M Class Approved and sometimes Trading Standards Approved. Basically it all means the same thing, the scales are tested to a standard agreed by the EC and each machine must carry the necessary markings.

We provide a range of trade approved products from various suppliers; the Adam machines listed first are generally available from stock or within a couple of days. Other units have delivery times that can be up to 10 working days, please call or contact us to verify availability.

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The M symbol has changed

Green M has changed to black

The M-mark and sticker that identifies scales as being verified as 'use for trade' has been changed from green to black. Some older stickers may also show a black M on a green background.

Q: What are trade approved scales?

A: In simple terms trade approved scales are machines that are suitable to be used for point of sale purposes, where products are being sold by weight to a consumer, example of this would be your local greengrocer using a scale to weigh your purchases and charge you per kilogram on that scale, these are trade approved retail or shop scales. Trade approved scales cover a large area and different markets and also includes average weight.

Q: Do I need trade approved scales?

A: In the UK it is illegal to sell items or produce by weight without using Trade approved or legal scales, as a trader selling by weight YOU are responsible to ensure that the scales you use are suitable and are correctly 'stamped' for use within the UK.

This legal requirement includes products requiring an average weight on the product label and includes bagged items and bottled items. A few examples of businesses that require a trade approved scale include:

  • Cosmetics - Used for ensuring creams, lotions and gels meet the weight specified on the label.
  • Laundries - A laundry requires trade approved checkweighing scales to ensure that the correct amount is charged based on weight when customers collect their clothes and towels.
  • Food caterers - Caterers that sell packaged products commercially such as chocolates and confectionery by weight will require scales that have the correct trade approvals.

Q: What sort of products require trade approvals?

A: Trade approved products are required for any business selling products by weight, some examples of products that require trade approvals include:

  • Food.
  • Alcohol.
  • Precious metals and stones (including gold).
  • Fertiliser and animal feed.
  • Pre-packaged products that specify weight.
  • Mechanical and construction parts.

Q: What do the trade approved acronyms stand for?

A: The trade approved acronyms usually represent the government or legislative body who set the standards for weighing instruments. Here is a list to some of the most common approval bodies you will see:

The scale or balance conforms to European standards.
International Organisation of Legal Metrology is an inter-governmental organisation based in France. Commonly associated with calibration testing and weights.
The National Type Evaluation Program is used to test and certify equipment and weighing instruments before they are sold in the United States for trade use.
M Class Approvals:
The Black M sticker indicates that a scale or balance meets the legislative criteria required for selling products by weight. (Note: Previously a Green M sticker rather than the new Black M).
Class II or III:
Commonly used for medical devices. Class II and III approvals refer to the accuracy and division of a balance or scale which can indicate what weighing applications your scale or balance be used for. (e.g Class III for scales with a readability of 0.1g to 2g+ or Class II for scales with readabilities of 0.1g to 1mg+)
The National Measurement Institute sets the measurement standards of the Australian government.
The National Regulator of Compulsory Specifications is a an off-shoot agency of the South African Government Department of Trade and Industry.

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