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Top Pan Precision Balances for Medical Use

Top pan balances are weighing machines that have a weighing plate or pan that is not enclosed by the body of the machine. These versatile balances are most commonly found in laboratory environments and have a resolution not requiring a draft shield to protect the weighing surface.

Medical top pan precision balances have all the features necessary in order to conduct precise weighing applications, from medical administration tasks to measuring compounds for use in medicines. Class III trade approved scales are required when using top pan precision balances for medical use and can be used to weigh blood packs, chemicals and pharmaceuticals in tiny increments.

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  1. £1,484.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £1,855.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 8.1kg to 31kg

    High capacity top loading balances featuring high speed weighing and settling times. The GX-K series features internal calibration. Multiple weighing units including counting and percentage are available.

  2. £340.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £450.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range 420g to 4200g

    The Kern PLE precision balance is a low-cost top pan balance with wide range of functions. The PLE offers the user a wide selection of functions, such as parts counting, percentage weighing, tolerance weighing and under scale weighing. Suitable for school science classrooms and university laboratories.

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    £658.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £950.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range 220g to 32kg

    Tailor-made for advanced scientists and researchers, the Eclipse series comprises 23 analytical and precision balance models, offering capacities of 32,000g and readabilities of 0.0001g.

  4. £788.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £985.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 120g to 3200g

    The FZ-i precision balance brings top of the range performance to the price conscious. The Air Pump Controlled Internal Calibration system provides high reliability & fail safe calibration. Featuring 1 second stabilisation with the C-SHS Weight Sensor.

  5. £91.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £120.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range 100g to 10kg

    The Kern PCB Precision Balance series is a range of economical compact balances with high precision. The PCB series has a wide range of pan sizes and weighing capacities to suit many requirements.

  6. star 1 selected - rating 4.5star 2 selected - rating 4.5star 3 selected - rating 4.5star 4 selected - rating 4.5star 5 selected - rating 4.5
    £66.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £90.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range 200g to 5000g

    Adam Equipment's CQT Core Portable Compact Balance is perfect for conducting simple weighing procedures in school classroom environments, science labs, veterinary practices and field experiments. This scale is exceptional value for money, featuring tough ABS housing and Adam Equipment's patented ShockProtect™ feature.

  7. £165.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £220.00 (Excl.VAT)

    Max Capacity Range 120g to 6000g

    Adam Equipment’s Highland balances are well-suited for Education, lab work, field use, and many industrial applications. The HCB features Adam’s unique patented HandiCal® internal calibration with a built-in mass, and ShockProtect® as a safeguard against shock loading and accidential overload. Calibrate whenever you want without external masses, or use your own certified masses for traceability.

  8. £310.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £387.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 150g to 12kg

    Handy and Affordable Balances that Fit Your Purpose in Anywhere

  9. £59.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 100g to 6000g

    The Kern EMB Precision Balance is an entry-level laboratory balance. A low-cost, portable laboratory scale designed for use in schools, colleges and universities.

  10. £85.00  (Ex.VAT)
    Max Capacity Range 2000g to 8000g

    The Astro product range of portioning scales, from Adam Equipment, offers features ideal for a variety of food environments, including the food service and food processing industries.

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Top Pan Precision Balances Help

When would I use a top pan precision balance?

Top pan precision balances can be used for a variety of medical weighing needs. Top pan precision balances feature a high readability up to 0.001g which makes them suitable for the weighing of chemicals and compound materials used within medicines. Whilst baby scales and stand-on scales are used when recording intricate details of patient weight, top pan precision balances are particularly useful in medical laboratories and relied upon their accuracy alongside analytical balances.

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