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Buy Precision Balances for Laboratory Use

We stock a wide selection of precision balances and chemical scales from Adam Equipment, A&D and Kern suitable for any lab-based scenario.

Our portable precision balances come complete with an array of features including parts counting, percentage weighing and weight accumulation. These balances are built-to-last and are suitable for school science experiments, field work and medical research. Adam's Highland come complete with durable ABS plastic housing for protecting against chemical spills and accidental damage.

We also sell a selection of UK trade approved precision balances that can be used to measure medication, herbal supplements and other chemicals that are likely to be sold commercially by weight.

There are many types of precision scale on the market and weighing features may differ from model to model depending on manufacturer, construction and overall intent. Therefore, we advise all customers to consider how they intend to use the scale before purchasing. For more information about any of our products, please contact us.

Our precision balances are constructed with sealed keypads and hardy casing to withstand spills and typical wear and tear expected within laboratory environments. As lab scales, they employ numerous features that can be used within the laboratory environment as well as in the field from density determination, purity analysis, quality control and materials testing. 

What is a precision balance used for?

Our precision balances can be used within a variety of applications from measuring chemical compounds, weighing gold for commercial purposes or weighing medicines. Many of our balances, such as the Highland portable precision balance, are portable for easy transportation and field work.

We have a large selection of precision scales to choose from including the Nimbus and Eclipse precision balance ranges from Adam Equipment. Please contact us if you require more information about any of our precision scales, or if you would like us to recommend a scale based on your needs.

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Precision Balances Help

Q: What is a precision balance?

A precision balance or precision scale is used to describe a higher grade of balance or weighing scale with a high precision (up to 0.01g readability). As a result, precision scales are precise and accurate with measurement and are ideal for customers looking for a scale with a fine resolution.

Q: What is the difference between an analytical balance and a precision scale?

A: The difference between analytical balances and precision scales are usually confined to the degree of precision and the features utilised for this purpose. For example, if we compare Adam Equipment's Nimbus precision scales to the analytical balances also within the Nimbus scale range, we find that analytical balances provide a 0.0001g readability compared with 0.001g for the precision scale. However, the Nimbus precision balance has a greater pan size and capacity compared with the Nimbus analytical balance.

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