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Industrial & Commercial

Inscale's large selection of commercial and industrial weighing scales for use in warehouses, mechanical and precision engineering plants or on the factory floor.

Manufactured by Adam Equipment, Kern and A&D, our industrial scales are constructed from strong, durable materials capable of withstanding rigorous, heavy duty weighing. Many of these scales come complete with battery operation for providing power where electricity is unavailable.

All of our industrial scales and weighing equipment that use a lift mechanism in order to weigh, such as Adam's PTS pallet truck scale and the Adam series of crane scales, are marked with weight limits and are fully compliant with Safe Working Load (SWL) procedures; meaning pallets, containers and crates can be safely weighed, lifted or suspended without risk of breaking the machine.

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  1. A&D SJ-EC Trade Approved Compact Scales

    A&D SJ-EC Trade Approved Compact Scales

    Capacity Range:
    1000g to 30kg
    M This range has trade approved models available.

    Starting at £170.00

    The SJ-EC is a low-cost, compact bench scale with UK trade approvals, ideally suited to any basic food weighing application where selling by weight is required. Perfect for home catering businesses, coffee shops and professional kitchens.

    Learn More
  2. FKT Trade Approved Bench Scale | Inscale UK

    Kern FKT Touchscreen Bench Scale

    Capacity Range:
    6000g to 65kg

    Starting at £665.00

    The Kern FKT touchscreen bench scale has a large touch sensitive backlit screen for easy operation and convenient reading.The FKT has convenient recipe weighing and mixing features and can store 5 different recipes with up to 7 components all detailed in plain text. This scale allows you to input item or batch descriptions and includes a built-in checkweighing function for precisely measuring food ingredients. Learn More
  3. CPWplus Large Platform Scale

    CPWplus 75L Weighing Scales Special

    Capacity Range:

    Starting at £159.00

    The CPWplus 75L platform scale is a multi-purpose compact weighing scale, used for many every day applications, such as parcel weighing, but increasingly very popular with diet clubs and individual weighing, due to the light weight and portability of the scale. This model is not supplied with wheels or lifting handle, image is generic for this range. Learn More
  4. EJ Compact Balances

    A&D EJ Compact Value Balances

    Capacity Range:
    120g to 6100g

    Starting at £220.00

    The EJ compact balance series has provided years of reliable weighing performance and are backed by A&D's industry-leading 5 year warranty. Ideal for laboratories, production facilities, classrooms and science field experiments. Learn More
  5. A&D HL-i Compact Scale - held in hand

    A&D HL-i Compact Scale

    Capacity Range:
    200g to 2000g

    Starting at £60.00

    Designed for entry-level weighing, A&D's HL-i compact scale combines basic weighing functionality with a durable, compact design that makes it highly suitable for school classrooms, home kitchens or field use. Learn More
  6. Kern PCD Compact Laboratory Balance

    Kern PCD Compact Laboratory Balance

    Capacity Range:
    250g to 10kg

    Starting at £200.00

    The Kern PCD Compact Laboratory Balance has a separate base and display, which makes it ideal for use in fume cupboards or glove bag, particularly practical for weighing toxic, volatile or contaminated substances, giving the operator control of the scale away from weighing area. Learn More
  7. FL Premium Digital Force Gauge

    FL Premium Digital Force Gauge

    Starting at £289.00

    FL series of premium digital force gauges with graphical assisted display have been designed to be easy to use, the painted metal case is ergonomically engineered to be comfortable for manual use, but easily used on test stands both mechanical and motorised. Ideal for simple manual push or pull applications and when used with test stands, more complex measurements. Learn More
  8. FC Compact Digital Force Gauge

    FC Compact Digital Force Gauge

    Starting at £295.00

    FC digital force gauges have been designed to be easy to use, with large backlit display for easy reading and the metal case engineered to be comfortable to grip for using in manual operations. The models can be used on all test stands both mechanical and motorised. Learn More
  9. HCN Hanging Scales

    Kern HCN Hanging Scales

    Capacity Range:
    0.02g to 200kg

    Starting at £91.00

    The HCN is a robust hanging scale for the suspended weighing of small loads including animal feed sacks, fertiliser bags and small crates. Includes a second display on the rear side of the construction, snap link in stainless steel and protective security lid. Learn More
  10. DS Industrial Platform Scale | Inscale UK

    Kern DS Platform Scale

    Capacity Range:
    3000g to 150kg

    Starting at £530.00

    The Kern DS Platform Scale is a multi-functional weighing machine with an IP65 rated display. With its freely programmable weighing units, as e.g. for the length of strings in g/m, density in g/cm³, paper weights in g/m², etc. This scale is ideal for the determination of weight for paper or in the textile industry for the determination of the length of strings. Learn More
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