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Waterproof & Washdown Scales

Our industrial waterproof scales have an IP rating that enables them to be washed, hosed down or used in wet conditions or environments. All digital weighing scales can be cleaned, but in the majority of cases, great care is required as water and electricity can interfere with electrical components.

All of our waterproof scales feature robust, water-resistant casing, with some washdown floor scales featuring sealed load cell components to better prevent water damage occurring within the internal components of the scale. Our new IWS waterproof bench scale is an IP68 rated scale constructed with fully sealed stainless steel housing for ultimate dust and waterproof protection. The IWS is a perfect choice for any harsh, wet environment from damp warehouses to shipyards.

Whilst the term 'washdown scale' implies that these devices can be washed without any lasting damage, it is ill advised to spray directly with a high-pressure hose or to submerge in the sink to clean.

We do also stock digital waterproof scales with an IP69K rating which means they can be washed with a hose and offer considerable protection against moisture and humidity. We do however recommend contacting us if you are unsure, we will be happy to advise you on the best washdown scale for your needs!.

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How to Use a Washdown Scale - this blog post includes a full table of IP-ratings and the level of protection they offer against liquids.

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  1. A&D GP IP65-Rated Industrial Precision Balance | Inscale UK

    A&D GP IP-65 Industrial Precision Balances

    Model Capacities:
    30kg to 100kg

    Starting at £2,485.00

    GP industrial precision balances are perfect for industrial laboratories, combining levels of precision found in top-grade precision balances with a durable aluminium and corrosion-proof stainless steel construction for withstanding harsh industrial warehouse and testing environments. Ideal for working with products that produce spills or debris. Learn More
  2. FX Precision Balance

    A&D FX-i Precision Waterproof Balance

    Model Capacities:
    122g to 3200g

    Starting at £664.00

    The FXi-WP is a precision top loading balance with laboratory level performance suitable for use in hostile environments to an IP-65 standard. The FX-iWP will be completely at home in any area where moisture or dust would prove a barrier to a normal top pan precision balance. 4 year A&D warranty included. Learn More
  3. A&D GP Trade Approved Industrial Precision Balance | Inscale UK

    A&D GP IP-65 Industrial Trade Approved Precision Balances

    Model Capacities:
    12kg to 102kg
    M This range has trade approved models available.

    Starting at £2,025.00

    GP industrial trade approved precision balances come with IP65-rated casing for significant water and dustproof protection. Trade approved models of the GP have been fully UK certified for weighing goods that may be bought, sold or traded by weight. Learn More
  4. SFB Stainless Steel Platform Scale

    Kern SFB Stainless Steel Platform Scale

    Model Capacities:
    50kg to 300kg

    Starting at £840.00

    The Kern SFB Stainless Steel Platform Scales offer a high level of protection being IP65 rated, these scales are made from Stainless Steel making these platform scales a good choice for the food industry and other wet environments. Learn More
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