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Trade Approved Scales for Industrial and Commercial Use

Our range of trade Approved or EC trade approved scales and balances. Weighing scales referred to as 'Trade Approved' simply means that they can be used in any application for verifying the weight of a product which is sold to a market by weight or to ensure accurate contents on packaged goods.

A good example of verifying the weight is the parcel scale or postal scale , in your local post office they are used to weigh parcels, envelopes and packages, which are sold to you by weight and the price calculated at the counter. Similarly, checkweighing and floor scales allow businesses to weigh large crates of particular products that can then be attributed a price per unit.

Packaged products are viewed differently and the law relating to the weight content is designed to ensure that the item being purchased has a minimum content weight. An example for the Food industry is a packet of crisps, on the bag there is a weight and an "e" symbol. This means that the contents of the packet are not less than the weight indicated. A product like this has to have been weighed on a trade approved scale.

Trade approved is a terminology used to broadly describe a category; the same products can also be referred to as Trade Stamped, Verified, Class III or Class II, EC Stamped, M Class Approved and some times Trading Standards Approved. Basically it all means the same thing, the scales are tested to a standard agreed by the EC and each machine must carry the necessary markings.

We provide a range of trade approved scales for industrial and commercial use from various suppliers; the Adam digital weighing scales listed first are generally available from stock or within a couple of days. Other industrial weighing scales have delivery times that can be up to 10 working days, please call us to verify availability.

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    £136.00  (Ex.VAT)
    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 3000g to 30kg

    The Raven retail scale facilitates efficient commercial weighing and price computing. Manufactured by Adam Equipment, the Raven comes complete with total price and unit price displays.The Raven is a trade approved scale with EU Type Examination certification.

    Recent customers include community farms and family butchers shops.

  2. £566.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £805.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 6000g to 30kg

    The FS-i checkweighing scale performs best in product preparation and packaging environments. It's fully stainless steel construction ensures longevity in the harshest areas. Easy to clean, UK trade approved platform scale for selling goods by weight.

  3. £1,484.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £1,855.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 8.1kg to 31kg

    High capacity top loading balances featuring high speed weighing and settling times. The GX-K series features internal calibration. Multiple weighing units including counting and percentage are available.

  4. £188.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £235.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 1000g to 30kg

    The SK-WP range of stainless steel scales manufactured by A&D weighing. SW are durable stainless steel scales that can easily fit on small workbenches and worktops in commercial shop environments. Suitable for use in coffee shops, bakeries and other food outlets. SW-WP scales are UK trade certified for selling goods by weight.

  5. £270.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £375.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 60kg to 600kg

    Adam Equipment's GFK Floor Checkweighing Scales offer speed, performance and value. The GFK offers all the features needed for weighing, check weighing with LED limit indicators and parts counting applications with fully selectable sample or unit weight. Durable build for a variety of industries the GFK can meet the demands of warehouse, production floor and general industrial, medical applications.

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    £193.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £265.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 3000g to 48kg

    The CBK bench checkweigher from Adam Equipment. The CBK is a reliable checkweighing machine for accurately calculating the weight of small packages, products and containers, ensuring they are consistent with a pre-set weight. Ideal for stockrooms and commercial industrial warehouses.

    Suitable for checking the weight of small tools, building materials and machinery parts.

  7. star 1 selected - rating 5star 2 selected - rating 5star 3 selected - rating 5star 4 selected - rating 5star 5 selected - rating 5
    £190.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £265.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 3000g to 48kg

    Adam Equipment's CBC industrial bench counting scales are fast and accurate machines used to count small tools, parts, screws and electronics. Suitable for many retail and industrial commercial environments for streamlining stock taking procedures.

    Durable ABS-housed industrial counting scale for workbench surfaces. Ideal for light-manufacturing and engineering applications.

  8. £1,540.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £1,925.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 12kg to 102kg

    These are high capacity balances suitable for use in hostile environments. With IP65 level protection and a column mounted indicator the GP is ideal for working with products that produce spills or debris. Features capacities up to 101kg.

  9. star 1 selected - rating 4.5star 2 selected - rating 4.5star 3 selected - rating 4.5star 4 selected - rating 4.5star 5 selected - rating 4.5
    £153.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £170.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 1000g to 30kg

    A low cost Bench Scale, the SJ-EC is a trade approved scale ideally suited to any basic weighing application. Featuring capacities up to 12 kg and a settling time of less than 1 second the SJ-EC will meet all product packing requirements.

    Recent customers include dairy product suppliers, organic food shops and pick-your-own produce farms.

  10. £221.00  (Ex.VAT)

    RRP £275.00 (Excl.VAT)

    M - Trade Approved
    Max Capacity Range 600g to 5000g

    Adam Equipment’s HCB balances are well-suited for Education, lab work, field use, and many industrial applications. The HCB features Adam’s unique patented HandiCal® internal calibration with a built-in mass, and ShockProtect® as a safeguard against shock loading and accidential overload. Calibrate whenever you want without external masses, or use your own certified masses for traceability.

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The M symbol has changed

Green M has changed to black

The M-mark and sticker that identifies scales as being verified as 'use for trade' has been changed from green to black. Some older stickers may also show a black M on a green background.

Q: I work in a warehouse, which trade approved scales would you recommend?

A: There are many trade approved scales on the market, which one best suits your needs will depend on how you plan to use your trade approved scale.

Floor scales are most useful when dealing with large crates or heavy boxes and can weigh products without too much lifting.

Compact scales such as the AZextra Price-Computing Retail Scales provide a smaller unit that can be transported or placed on a bench to weigh smaller everyday items from parcels to groceries.

Checkweighing scales operate best within warehouse applications and can ensure that the same products retain the same standard weight, flagging up potential issues when a product deviates away from the typical weight.

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