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Kern Digital Crane Scales for Industrial Use

Crane scales have durable, protective casing and large steel-plated shackle attachments that protect the weighing unit from accidental damage during weighing. They are often found in tough, industrial environments such as shipyards, factories and warehouses for shipping, engineering and manufacturing related tasks.

Crane scales can be used for a variety of large-scale industrial applications including weighing commercial fishing nets, weighing oversized containers and crates, suspended weighing of steel alloy bars and other materials in construction, or off-loading cargo from ships.

Inscale UK stock a wide variety of digital crane scale models with kg, tonne and Newton weighing units that align with Safe Working Load (SWL) criteria to suit all suspended weighing applications. Choose from our selection of top-quality, low cost crane scales with up to 10,000kg weighing capacities. For more information, please contact us.

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How to Use Hanging Scales and Crane Scales

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    Max Capacity Range
    20kg to 200kg
    Readability Range
    10g to 0.5kg

    The HCB hanging scale from Kern is simple to use for the suspended weighing of small loads and is frequently used for weighing fish, game, bicycle components and suitcases. It has a simple 3 button operation and easy to read LCD display.

    Low-cost hanging crane scale with Kilogram and Newton weighing units. Ideal for weighing luggage, fish, game, animal feed and fertiliser.

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Crane Scales Help

What is a crane scale?

Industrial crane scales are heavy-duty, suspension weighing instruments with large weighing capacities for measuring nets, bags, oversized boxes and containers.

What is the difference between a hanging scale and a crane scale?

Hanging scale is a term used to describe the full range of hanging type weighing devices from cheap handheld spring scales to crane scales, crane scales are categorised as a type of industrial-grade hanging scale that have large tonne capacities and are generally more expensive.

What is your max capacity for crane scales?

The IHS Crane Scale range by Adam Equipment occupy the highest capacity in our current range of crane scales with 10000kg.

What are the advantages of crane scales?

There are many types of industrial scales found within warehouse environments, however crane scales can be a great choice in the following scenarios:

  • Floor space is tight: Warehouses and factories need to ensure there is ample floor space available to safely navigate and work efficiently. Crane scales eliminate the need for large amounts of floor space when compared with other types of platform scales, they can be attached to large beams, stored away or transported with ease.
  • Looking to reduce labour costs: While you should always have multiple operators overseeing heavy weighing tasks, using a crane eliminates the need for manual lifting and manoeuvring. Most crane scales come with remote control operation and so can lift, manoeuvre and weigh all at once from a safe distance.
  • Require higher weight capacities: Most industrial scales weigh in kilogram capacities, however even platform scales do not regularly reach in to large tonne amounts. Crane scales have exceptionally large weighing capacities and can be used to weigh large containers, steel girders and other heavy objects with minimal effort.
  • Looking to weigh large or peculiar sized items: Most industrial platform scales are confined to a square or rectangular shaped platform which may not be suitable for large or awkwardly shaped items. Crane scales can be attached to the product itself through the shackle and can weigh objects of all shapes and sizes without needing to be placed onto a weighing pan.
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