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Crane Scales

Crane scales have durable, protective casing and large steel-plated shackle attachments that protect the weighing unit from accidental damage during weighing. They are often found in tough, industrial environments such as shipyards, factories and warehouses for shipping, engineering and manufacturing related tasks.

Crane scales can be used for a variety of large-scale industrial applications including weighing commercial fishing nets, weighing oversized containers and crates, suspended weighing of steel alloy bars and other materials in construction, or off-loading cargo from ships.

Inscale UK stock a wide variety of digital crane scale models with kg, tonne and Newton weighing units that align with Safe Working Load (SWL) criteria to suit all suspended weighing applications. Choose from our selection of top-quality, low cost crane scales with up to 10,000kg weighing capacities. For more information, please contact us.

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How to Use Hanging Scales and Crane Scales

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  1. IHS Crane Scales

    IHS Crane Scales

    Model Capacities:
    1000kg to 10000kg

    Starting at £445.00

    Adam Equipment's highest capacity crane scale for suspended weighing of shipping containers, machinery and commercial shipping nets up to 10,000kg. The IHS heavy-duty industrial crane scale is ideal for most industrial environments including warehouses, factories, ports and construction sites. Learn More
  2. Heavy-duty Hanging Scale | Inscale

    SHS Crane Scales

    Model Capacities:
    50kg to 300kg

    Starting at £164.00

    Adam Equipment's SHS heavy-duty crane scales for measuring suspended loads. These scales feature sturdy, poly-carbonate housing and a rotating chrome-plated steel hook and swivel shackle to help the operator easily handle heavy loads up to 300kg in factories, warehouses and industrial-based environments. The remote control enables operation from a safe location, and the LED is highly visible from a distance. Learn More
  3. HCB Hanging Crane Scales

    Kern HCB Hanging Crane Scales

    Model Capacities:
    20kg to 200kg

    Starting at £64.00

    The HCB hanging scale from Kern is simple to use for the suspended weighing of small loads and is frequently used for weighing fish, game, bicycle components and suitcases. It has a simple 3 button operation and easy to read LCD display. Learn More
  4. Heavy-duty Crane Scale | Inscale UK

    LHS Crane Scales

    Model Capacities:
    500kg to 2000kg

    Starting at £280.00

    Adam Equipment's LHS digital crane scale features cast aluminium magnesium housing and a rotating chrome-plated steel hook and swivel shackle to help the operator easily manoeuvre loads up to 2000kg. This top-quality suspension scale includes remote control operation from a safe location and a vibrant LED display that is highly visible from a distance. Learn More
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