Bench Scales

We stock a wide range of digital bench scale models covering a range of weight capacities from 150g to 300kg and resolutions as fine as 0.01g.

At Inscale we believe in providing our customers with the best products available, offering simplicity and convenience at an affordable price. That's why we stock a wide selection of fixed and detachable bench scales that can include rechargeable batteries, LCD displays, pillar attachments and more. Many of our bench scales include specialist weighing modes such as precision parts counting, coin counting, percentage weighing and checkweighing that are perfect for manufacturing processes.

Manufactured by Kern, A&D and Adam Equipment, our top-quality bench weighing scales have been designed for rigorous industrial use, constructed from tough, premium-quality materials such as durable ABS plastics and sealed, IP-rated stainless steel for dust and waterproof protection.

We also supply a variety of UK trade approved bench scales at affordable prices used for selling products with a weight value specified on the label such as pastes, paint and other pre-packed products. All trade approved models sold by us have been tested, calibrated and certified to an approved standard by the manufacturer.

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