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Laboratory Balances

Laboratory balances encompasses precise weighing instruments used to measure all kinds of samples in a laboratory. Inscale offers a full selection of different lab balances that can weigh very small increments to larger top loading balances for bigger samples. Our range of laboratory scales for the food industry offer highly accurate food testing features from percentage analysis to detecting moisture content within products.  

Many labs weigh samples multiple times a day so its important to find a lab scale that can be accurate and provide constant weight readings.

Lab scales can be used effectively as food weighing scales due to their high readability and their ability complete food weighing tasks such as calculating portion size, registering calorie counts and noting moisture levels in products.

Moisture analysers can monitor and maintain the correct moisture levels in a give food product, e.g biscuits, which demand an optimum amount of moisture to guarantee freshness, but also nned to prevent premature bacteria growth cuased when combining moisture and warm conditions.

For questions or help finding the right balance for your application then please Contact us.

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  1. FZ Precision Balances

    A&D FZ-i Trade Approved Jewellery Balance

    Capacity Range:
    120g to 3200g
    M This range has trade approved models available.

    Starting at £712.00

    A&D's FZ-i is a high-quality jewellery balance capable of weighing precious metals, diamonds, gems and gold to an exceptional level of precision. These trade approved models are perfect for buying and selling gold, jewels and custom jewellery by weight. Learn More
  2. MC Mass Comparators

    A&D MC Series Mass Comparators

    Capacity Range:
    1100g to 101kg

    Starting at £2,640.00

    A&D's MC mass comparators (comparator balances) feature extended resolution for the measuring of calibration weights in the OIML Class F1 or below. Ideal for metrology testing and laboratory calibration houses. Learn More
  3. Adam Analytical Balance | Inscale

    Nimbus® Analytical Balances

    Capacity Range:
    80g to 250g

    Starting at £615.00

    Adam's Nimbus series of analytical balances deliver a full spectrum of precision readabilities, ranging from 0.1mg to 0.1g. Perfect for weighing and handling chemicals, powders and pharmaceutcials. Learn More
  4. ABJ Class I Approved Precision Balance | Inscale UK

    ABJ Class I Precision Balance

    Capacity Range:
    80g to 320g
    M This range has trade approved models available.

    Starting at £949.00

    The Kern ABJ Analytical Balance is a low-cost standard analytical balance offering EC Type Approval Versions Class I M. Verifiable to 0.1mg. Learn More
  5. Adam Nimbus

    Nimbus Precision Balances

    Capacity Range:
    220g to 8.2kg

    Starting at £339.00

    Adam Equipment's Nimbus precision balances include a wide selection of models with and without draft shields ranging from 0.1mg to 0.1g readabilities. Ideal for the handling and weighing of chemicals in laboratory experiments and scientific research. Learn More
  6. Highland Approved Portable Precision Balances

    Highland Approved Portable Precision Balances

    Capacity Range:
    600g to 5000g
    M This range has trade approved models available.

    Starting at £221.00

    Adam Equipment’s Highland trade approved precision balances are well-suited for education, lab work, field use, food weighing and many industrial applications. The HCB is a portable, compact scale that easily fits on a worktop surface. This model features UK trade certification for selling food, cosmetics and other products by weight. Learn More
  7. 440 Precision Balance

    Kern 440 Precision Balance

    Capacity Range:
    60g to 6000g

    Starting at £111.00

    The 440 Precision Balance from Kern offers customers a low entry basic model with simple to use functions, ideal for general purpose weighing applications. This model would be commonly found in schools and college laboratories, offering a series of capacities and resolutions suitable for these environments. Learn More
  8. 573 Precision Balance

    Kern 573 Precision Balance

    Capacity Range:
    650g to 6500g

    Starting at £418.00

    The 573 precision balance series is the EC type Approved version of the popular 572 series of products. Offering all the features of the 572 plus approvals to allow you to legally trade and sell items by weight. Learn More
  9. FX Precision Balance

    A&D FX-i Precision Balance

    Capacity Range:
    122g to 5200g

    Starting at £444.00

    The FX-i precision top pan range provides a host of features in a compact, lightweight package. All of the traditional A&D functions are present plus a host of innovative features. Learn More
  10. GR Analytical Balances

    A&D GR Series Analytical Balances

    Capacity Range:
    120g to 310g

    Starting at £1,312.00

    A&D GR analytical balances are adaptable, laboratory weighing balances with internal automatic calibration and a tall draft shield measuring 8.64 inches in height for weighing tall flasks and tubes. Learn More
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