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This is a selection of the most popular food weighing scales we have available.

Digital weighing scales, also known as electronic scales, are used throughout the food industry in the bakery, grocery, delicatessen, at markets, and in seafood, meat and other food production or retail environments. Digital scales convert the continuous analogue weight measurement into a digital, easy to read format. 

Please be aware that if the product you are selling is priced based on its weight, by UK law you must be using trade approved weighing scales.

Because there are multiple different types of digital scale, they can be used for a variety of applications. We offer a selection of digital scales to suit all your weighing needs:

Washdown scales

Our digital washdown scales are IP-rated and can withstand rigorous industrial use. Their stainless steel construction and sealed casing allows for easy cleaning whilst protecting the internal components of the scale. This makes them an ideal option for anyone dealing with meat or fish.


Digital checkweighing scales are ideal for fruit packing in warehouse environments, allowing a supervisor to pre-set a given weight to ensure that each batch of produce weighs the same. These scales typically feature audible alarms and checkweighing lights to indicate whether too little or too much of a product is placed onto the scale's weighing pan.

Compact portioning scales

Our compact food portioning scales are suitable in spas, restaurants and in the home for keeping strict dietary schedules. Accurate and dependable, these scales have a compact footprint and can be set up on a kitchen worktop without hassle. Our Astro food scale features a stainless steel weighing pan that can be easily cleaned after use.

Various other digital weighing scales, such as Analytical balances are covered in other product categories shown on this web site. If you require help choosing the best digital scale for your needs, please contact us.

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  1. SW High Pressure Washdown Scales

    A&D SW Series High-Pressure Washdown Scales

    Model Capacities:
    6000g to 150kg
    Has Trade Approved Models:

    Starting at £1,391.00 £1,669.20

    A&D's SW washdown scale features a checkweighing indicator and complete scale range with a protection level of IP-69K. Ideally suited to harsh food processing and packing environments where even good quality waterproof devices are found wanting. Suitable for regular high pressure hosing and cleaning. Learn More
  2. ABJ Class I Approved Precision Balance | Inscale UK

    ABJ Class I Precision Balance

    Model Capacities:
    80g to 320g
    M This range has trade approved models available.

    Starting at £1,030.00 £1,236.00

    The Kern ABJ Analytical Balance is a low-cost standard analytical balance offering EC Type Approval Versions Class I M. Verifiable to 0.1mg. Add stamping fee from Accessories if Approved model is required Learn More
  3. ABT Analytical Balances

    Kern ABT-NM Analytical Balances

    Model Capacities:
    100g to 320g
    M This range has trade approved models available.

    Starting at £1,450.00 £1,740.00

    The Kern ABT is an advanced-level analytical balance featuring a single weighing cell system and capacities of up to 320g x 0.0001g. Ideal for measuring powders and chemicals. Learn More
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