Portable Balances

Portable scales can be used to describe any digital weighing scale that can be moved around.

The term portable scales is used to describe a weighing scale that can be powered by batteries without depending on a mains connection. In theory all weighing scales are portable, if you can pick it up and carry it then it is portable, but you may not have a mains socket where you need to use the scale, so a truly portable scale is battery powered. There are two forms of battery powered portable scales; ones that use standard dry-cell batteries (the kind you might have in your television remote for example) and those that have internal rechargeable batteries.

Within education, portable scales can be particularly useful due to their ease of use. The lack of wires mean the scales can conveniently be moved to another classroom or building and that you also don't have to worry about twenty or more scales all looking for a mains power supply. As well as this they are generally small enough to allow for use in compact classrooms and easy storage. Portable scales can be used for a series of classroom weighing applications including the measuring of compounds in classroom experiments.

Some portable scales come with other features such as a USB connector to allow for use within a vehicle, or a self-turnoff ability so save the battery life. It's worth thinking about what you will need from the product beforehand, but if you are unsure at any point then please contacts us via telephone or email.

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