Calibration Weights

Calibration Weights

Calibration Weights are used when calibrating weighing scales and balances to ensure consistent weighing performance and accuracy. Choose from our selection of calibration test weights and weight sets ranging from 1g to 50kg with stainless steel, cast iron and brass variations available.

The different test weight options available can be confusing and you might well ask what the difference is between an M1 and an F1 weight, or why you might use one rather than the other. We have compiled a brief overview of the calibration weights we offer, and additional information on the importance and how to calibrate a balance with weights within our related articles below:  

M1 Class Test Weights: The most widely used test weight class on the market today. These weights are used to calibrate scales and balances where exact precision is not necessary. All class III scales use these weights for reference and calibration.

F1 Class Test Weights: Common weights used for standard precision balances and scales. These weights have a high degree of accuracy, but more cost effective than the E1 and E2 classes. Mainly used in laboratories, calibration houses and quality control areas.

E2 Class Test Weights: The most precise test weights available. These weights should be used on balances and scales with very fine resolutions, such as micro and analytical balances. Most commonly used in test and calibration houses and within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Guide to Calibration Weights - Free PDF Download

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