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Agricultural & farming Scales

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Weighing scales are required for a wide variety of agricultural and farming applications from measuring chemicals in fertilisers to weighing small farm animals such as lambs and goats.

We stock products suitable for a range of agricultural needs including moisture analysers, Uk trade approved bench scales, portable hanging scales and mild steel platform scales.

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Moisture analysers are used to accurately determine the moisture content in crops such as wheat, barley and fruit. Too much moisture in crops can lead to bacteria growth, for farmers this can lead to a poor harvest and negatively impact the amount of produce that can be sold and distributed commercially. Too little moisture in crops will also affect the overall quality of the product and may also lead to an increase in damaged crops. Moisture analysers can also be used to detect moisture levels in fertilisers and compost.

Platform scales feature large weighing platforms with high weight capacities for measuring bulk amounts of grain, produce and small animals. Pallet beams can be combined with platforms to safely and accurately take the weight of lambs to monitor growth. Some of the platforms we offer can be configured with digital counting and weight indicators for enhanced weighing functions such as checkweighing, parts counting, percentage weighing and dynamic or animal weighing.

Hanging scales are portable, easy-to-use devices with a below balance hook that can be attached to tote bags, animal feed and fertilisers for suspended weighing. In many farming and horticultural environments it is essential that compost and fertilisers are weighed to reduce waste costs and consistent distribution across a specified area. For treated fertilisers, it is crucial that even distribution is maintained to ensure optimum soil acidity levels.

Bench scales are lightweight, compact weighing machines suitable for use on a worktop or workbench surface. These scales are well-suited to packing functions and can be used for pre-packing salads, vegetables and fruit. We also stock UK trade approved bench scales that can be used for selling goods by weight, such as fruit punnets on pick-your-own farms or for selling produce at farmers' markets.

If you require any further information about our range of agricultural weighing products, please contact us.

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Agriculture & Farming Help

Q: How do I weigh fertilisers?

A: Purpose-made fertilisers require gardeners and farmers to weigh chemicals such as nitrogen, phosphates and potash according to a specific ratio. Different crops require different soil PH levels, therefore the balance between chemicals is essential in order to create a soil state suitable for growth.

Alongside chemicals, fertiliser solubility also needs to be determined. Moisture analysers can be used to precisely measure the moisture content of organic samples. This data can be used to calculate the percentage of water intake within the soil and therefore determine the amount of chemicals to be used to maintain optimum soil nutrition.

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