Moisture Analysers & Meters

Inscale offer a selection of high-quality moisture analysers and digital moisture meters manufactured by A&D, Reed and Adam Equipment. Our analysers and meters are frequently used in the agricultural and farming industry for measuring grain, vegetables, crops and moisture content in soil.

Moisture analysers are highly-sophisticated pieces of equipment that include a built-in halogen bulbs for uniform heating and drying of organic samples. Lab and food testing technicians often use moisture analysers for determining the moisture content in food samples and ingredients such as wheat, barley and wholegrains used in cereals, biscuits and bread.

Moisture meters are compact, portable devices that are used to perform moisture testing whilst on the move. Whilst pin moisture meters require steel probes to penetrate the sample, pinless moisture meters can determine moisture content in plants and other samples without damage.

It is vitally important that moisture is regularly monitored to ensure quality, taste and texture; too little moisture can cause products such as biscuits to break apart, whilst too much moisture can lead to premature growth of bacteria and mould.

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  1. DLB Moisture Analyser

    Kern DLB Moisture Analyser

    Starting at £1,150.00 £1,380.00

  2. Kern DBS Moisture Analyser

    Kern DBS Moisture Analyser

    Starting at £1,270.00 £1,524.00

  3. DAB Moisture Analyser

    Kern DAB Moisture Analyser

    Starting at £940.00 £1,128.00

    KERN DAB 200-2! Version with lower resolution, whereby the switch-off criteria is reached more quickly, which saves time. Ideally suited for rapid testing and random sampling Learn More
  4. A&D M Series Moisture Analyser | Inscale UK

    A&D M Series Moisture Analysers

    Model Capacities:
    51g to 71g

    Starting at £1,559.00 £1,870.80

    A&D's M moisture balance series includes a straight halogen lamp and uniquely designed SRA (Secondary Radiation Assist) filter gives shorter measurement time, thanks to fast and uniform heating. Used for accurate moisture determination of organic samples including compost, oils, cosmetics and food. Learn More
  5. Adam PMB Moisture Analyser | Inscale UK

    PMB Moisture Analyser

    Model Capacities:
    50g to 200g

    Starting at £685.00 £822.00

    Adam Equipment PMB moisture analysers set a new standard for effortlessly recording moisture test results. The PMB uses a circular halogen heater lamp to allow for even heating and drying of the sample to make sure the test results are accurate. Suitable for grain, cosmetics and food testing. Learn More
  6. Reed R6018 Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter | Inscale UK

    Reed R6018 Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

    Starting at £95.00 £114.00

    High-quality portable moisture meter manufactured by Reed Instruments. These professional moisture meters come with pin and pinless functionality to allow for greater flexibility when non-destructive moisture testing required. Learn More
  7. Reed R6013 Wood Moisture Meter | Inscale UK

    Reed R6013 Wood Moisture Meter

    Starting at £66.00 £79.20

    Reed's 6013 wood moisture meter features a portable, practical design that can easily be used to in the home for DIY projects and monitoring moisture of firewood and logs. This device is often used by professional woodworkers, carpenters and builders for measuring the moisture content of building materials and furniture. Learn More
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