Reed R6018 Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

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High-quality portable moisture meter manufactured by Reed Instruments. These professional moisture meters come with pin and pinless functionality to allow for greater flexibility when non-destructive moisture testing required.

Our range of R6018 pin/pinless moisture meters manufactured by Reed Instruments.

This R6018 moisture meter classifies moisture levels on a scale of low-high for easy reference and analysis; the device also comes with a variety of functions such as a peak hold application for easily recording multiple measurement values over a period of time, an audible alert and built-in measurement verification and battery check.

Reed's adjustable pin and pinless meters are of exceptionally high-quality; a best-choice measuring instrument perfect for a wide variety of professional moisture testing applications. This device can be used to test the moisture content of plants and soil, as well as a whole host of building-related materials such as plaster, mortar, sheet rock, concrete and timber frames.

Pinless operation has a measurement depth up to 1" (25mm).

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Manufacturer REED

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£95.00 £114.00
Weighing Units: g, %M
Display: LCD
Power Supply: 9V Battery
Operating Temperature: 41 to 113°F (5 to 45°C)
Overall Dimensions: 6.7 x 2.6 x 1.2" (170 x 65 x 30mm)
Weighing Unitsg, %M
Power Supply9V Battery
Operating Temperature41 to 113°F (5 to 45°C)
Overall Dimensions6.7 x 2.6 x 1.2" (170 x 65 x 30mm)

Our Feature Highlights

Selected features of the Reed R6018 Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

  • Pins, Protective Cap, Battery.
  • Pin and Pinless functions detect moisture in wood and building materials (sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete and mortar).
  • Pinless measurement depth up to 1" (25mm).
  • Classifies moisture status as: low, medium and high.
  • Audible alert and Data Hold functions.
  • Built-in measurement verification and battery check.
  • Low battery indicator and auto shut-off.
  • Replaceable pins.

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