Wheelchair Scales

Inscale currently stock two wheelchair scales, each one with their own unique features and benefits. These products have been designed to make the weighing process as comfortable as possible for the user, all whilst having an easy to use display for maximum ease-of-use.

The first is the Adam Equipment PTM Wheelchair Scale; a heavy-duty stainless-steel floor scale that includes a ramp and wheels for added portability. This is a durable product that can easily be combined with an Adam Equipment weighing indicator for checkweighing, percentage weighing or dynamic animal weighing options.

The second is the Adam Equipment MCW Chair Weighing Scale. This is essentially a wheelchair with inbuilt weighing capabilities and is ideal for elderly homes, GP practises or health centres. This product is designed for maximum comfort and features movable footrests and armrests to make the process easier for patients with mobility issues. To make accessibility even easier, the MCW can be wheeled around to ensure that patients can comfortably weigh themselves without having to be on their feet for a long period.

If you need any more information on our selection of wheelchair scales, please contact us either by telephone (01908 972 660) or use our live chat feature.

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