Portable Balances

The term portable balance can be used to describe any battery-operated device that does not need a mains electricity connection to work. These balances are usually either compact or even pocket size, although this is not always the case. For example, the Adam Equipment GBK Bench Checkweighing Scale is relatively large in comparison to other instruments, although features a battery-operated design and so fits into the portable scale and balance section. It’s also important to note that battery operated may refer to either standard dry-cell batteries or internal rechargeable batteries.

The benefits of using a battery-operated scale are plentiful, the most obvious of which is the ease of portability that it allows for. If you need an instrument that can fit in your pocket or bag and be taken from job to job, then a portable scale is for you. Another benefit is the lack of wire, which makes it much easier to use in a classroom where you may have over 20 scales being used at one time. This also makes them far easier to store after use.

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  1. Kern EMS School Balance | Inscale UK

    Kern EMS School Balance

    Model Capacities:
    300g to 12kg

    Starting at £80.00 £96.00

    The Kern EMS School Balance features a compact, portable design and damage-resistant housing perfect for busy classroom environments. EMS balances are suitable for use in schools, colleges and universities for use in biology, chemistry and physics laboratories. Learn More
  2. Kern CM Wallet SIze Pocket Scale

    Kern CM Pocket Scale

    Model Capacities:
    60g to 1000g

    Starting at £60.00 £72.00

    Kern's CM pocket balance is unlike other cheaper pocket scales, it is built to be accurate and repeatable time after time, with a hard protective case and built in handy calculator. Ideal for weighing small jewels and gold. Learn More
  3. TCB Pocket Balance

    TCB Pocket Scale 200g

    Model Capacities:
    200g to 200g

    Starting at £57.00 £68.40

    A circular scale! This unique and unusual pocket scale is small and easy to use. The top rotates when not in use to offer some protection for the weighing area and is supplied with batteries and a transport box. Learn More
  4. Kern PCB

    Kern PCB Economic Precision Balance

    Model Capacities:
    100g to 10kg
    Has Trade Approved Models:

    Starting at £130.00 £156.00

    The Kern PCB Precision Balance incorporates a range of economical compact balances with high precision. The PCB series has a wide range of pan sizes and weighing capacities to suit many requirements. Ideal for science labs and animal weighing. Learn More
  5. Kern EMS School Balance | Inscale UK

    Kern EHA School Balance

    Model Capacities:
    500g to 3kg

    Starting at £65.00 £78.00

    The Kern EMS School Balance has a compact design, robust and a bright display and high precision. This range is ideal for use in laboratories, quality control, production as well in schools and universities for teaching biology, chemistry and physics, for example Learn More
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