Check-weighing Scales

Checkweighing scales have the primary function of weighing an item and determining whether it sits within two fixed limits. They are used to ensure that all identical products remain equal in terms of their weight. As you might expect, these instruments are very common on production lines in order to guarantee consistent results.

Although the visual indicators can change, the overall premise of a checkweigher remains the same. You set your own minimum and maximum limits and when the item is placed on the scale it will either state whether it is inside or outside of your weight range. Some may give a visual signal such as flashing red or green, whilst others may give an audible indicator instead.

For some uses it is necessary to have trade approved scales for your business. The scales will be marked with a black M if they are trade approved, although if you do need any help please contact us on 01908 972 660 or use our live chat feature at the bottom of the page.

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  1. Eclipse Top Pan Precision Balance | Inscale UK

    Eclipse Top Loading Balances

    Model Capacities:
    12kg to 32kg

    Starting at £1,083.00 £1,299.60

    The Eclipse top loading balance models comprise of models with pillar attachments and large top pan models ideal for materials testing applications. Eclipse balances offer weight capacities up to 32,000g. Learn More
  2. GBK Bench Checkweighing Scales

    GBK Bench Checkweighing Scales

    Model Capacities:
    6000g to 150kg
    M This range has trade approved models available.

    Starting at £235.00 £282.00

    Adam Equipment GBK platform bench scales offer speed, performance and value. The GBK offers all the features needed for weighing, check weighing with LED limit indicators and parts counting with fully selectable sample or unit weight. Durable build for a variety of industries, the GBK bench scale can meet the demands of warehouse, production floor and general industrial, medical applications. Learn More
  3. Adam AGB/AGF with AE403 Indicator - available from

    BKT Floor Checkweighing Scales

    Model Capacities:
    8kg to 600kg
    Has Trade Approved Models:

    Starting at £457.00 £548.40

    Sturdy and durable, BKT label printing scales perform demanding tasks in manufacturing facilities, shipping and receiving areas, packing locations, and distribution warehouses. Learn More
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