Catering Scales

Catering scales are used within the food industry for several different reasons. They can be used to weight and price a cut of meat in a butcher, or alternatively they would be equally at home weighing out raw ingredients for a catering business. These scales have a broad array of functions and uses; however they all remain easy to operate and quick to clean after use.

We know how important a precise measurement can be when dealing with food, that’s why we stock a range of products from trusted industry specialists such as Adam Equipment, Kern, A&D and of course our own brand as well. To make the weighing process simpler and more efficient, our products come with an assortment of different features that make them fit for their purpose. This includes percentage weighing, parts counting and check weighing capabilities. As well as this, you’ll find instruments with waterproof housing, touchscreens and backlit LED displays for further options.

To price and sell an item based on its weight, you must have trade approved scales in accordance with UK law. Non-compliant offenders’ risk serious fines and even imprisonment in some cases.

Please telephone us on 01908 972 660 or use our live chat option for any further information on our selection of catering scales.

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