Because Inscale operate across a handful of distinct industries, we stock a wide range or products to suit a varied assortment of weighing needs. View our full list of products below, or use the drop down menu to navigate to the specific scale you are looking for.

For weighing people, you can find scales specifically designed for babies, wheelchairs or sports uses. We also offer instruments with BMI calculating capabilities, which can be used in gyms, health centres or sports facilities. All of these scales have been made to be simple and easy to use, without compromising on comfort and quality.

To make travelling quick and easy, we stock a selection of portable scales and balances. These products are battery powered which enables them to be used in areas without a mains power supply, such as in a vehicle or outside. Similarly, you will also find a handful of pocket scales which aim to make travelling with your scale even simpler.

For more specialist uses, you will find moisture analysers, semi-micro and precision balances. These are usually used in industries such as food testing, research, medicine and material testing. Made for the most precise and specialist data collection, these instruments guarantee precision and high quality results.

We also stock a number of products outside of weighing scales, including force gauges and calibration weights. The latter is essential to maintaining accurate data from your weighing instruments and can be purchased in a number of different classes.

Please note that the product types listed above are just a handful of whats on offer here. To see the full range, please scroll down.

If you require more information about any of the products we offer, please contact us via the live chat option or call us today on 01908 972 660.

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  1. Adam AGB/AGF with AE403 Indicator - available from

    Gladiator Wash down Floor Scales

    Model Capacities:
    8kg to 300kg
    Has Trade Approved Models:

    Starting at £525.00 £630.00

    With an IP67 rating for washdown capabilities, Gladiator features easy-to-clean stainless steel construction that is ideal for wet and dusty environments Learn More
  2. FX Precision Balance

    A&D FX-i Precision Waterproof Balance

    Model Capacities:
    122g to 3200g
    Has Trade Approved Models:

    Starting at £664.00 £796.80

    The FXi-WP is a precision top loading balance with laboratory level performance suitable for use in hostile environments to an IP-65 standard. The FX-iWP will be completely at home in any area where moisture or dust would prove a barrier to a normal top pan precision balance. 4 year A&D warranty included. Learn More
  3. FZ Precision Balances

    A&D FZ-iWP Water-Resistant Approved Precision Balances

    Model Capacities:
    120g to 3200g
    M This range has trade approved models available.

    Starting at £788.00 £945.60

    The FZ-iWP trade approved precision balance brings top of the range performance to the price conscious. The Air Pump Controlled Internal Calibration system provides high-reliability & fail-safe calibration. Featuring 1 second stabilisation with the C-SHS Weight Sensor. This model offers significant waterproof and dust protection. Learn More
  4. HR Analytical Balances

    A&D HR Series Analytical Balances

    Model Capacities:
    102g to 252g

    Starting at £636.00 £763.20

    A&D's HR analytical balances come with shatterproof breeze chamber to keep out drafts and neutralise vibrations, whilst an anti-static coating helps to dissipate static charges in the weighing chamber that could affect the weighing results. Professional, top-quality machines for precision weighing to 0.1mg readability in science labs, food testing and pharmaceutical production. Balances comes with a 4 years warranty. Learn More
  5. CPWplus 6P

    CPWplus 6P

    Special Price £169.00 £202.80 Recommended Price £258.00
  6. Nimbus Precision Balance | Inscale UK

    Nimbus® Precision Balances (Full Range)

    Model Capacities:
    220g to 22kg

    Starting at £339.00 £406.80

    Adam Equipment's Nimbus precision balances include a wide selection of protective draft shield and larger top pan models, ranging from 0.1mg to 0.1g readabilities. Ideal for materials testing, laboratory experimentation and scientific research. Learn More
  7. PTM Platform Floor Scale with Indicator | Inscale UK

    PTM Steel Drum & Barrel Scale

    Model Capacities:
    500kg to 500kg

    Starting at £415.00 £498.00

    The PTM steel drum and barrel scale is a multi-purpose, low-profile platform floor scale manufactured by Adam Equipment. PTM scales feature a mild steel non-slip surface ideal for weighing oversized oil drums, barrels and kegs. Learn More
  8. Adam Eclipse Precision Balances with Draft Shield: Includes EBL i and e series 223, 423, 623 and 823  | Inscale UK

    Eclipse Precision Balances

    Model Capacities:
    220g to 8.2kg

    Starting at £658.00 £789.60

    Tailor-made for scientists, researchers and professionals, the Eclipse precision balance series have models with up to 1 microgram resolution and include balances with internal and external calibration. Learn More
  9. Reed R6013 Wood Moisture Meter | Inscale UK

    Reed R6013 Wood Moisture Meter

    Starting at £66.00 £79.20

    Reed's 6013 wood moisture meter features a portable, practical design that can easily be used to in the home for DIY projects and monitoring moisture of firewood and logs. This device is often used by professional woodworkers, carpenters and builders for measuring the moisture content of building materials and furniture. Learn More
  10. Reed R6018 Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter | Inscale UK

    Reed R6018 Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

    Starting at £95.00 £114.00

    High-quality portable moisture meter manufactured by Reed Instruments. These professional moisture meters come with pin and pinless functionality to allow for greater flexibility when non-destructive moisture testing required. Learn More
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