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Kern HCB Hanging Crane Scales - HCB 20K50

Kern HCB Hanging Crane Scales

Extremely popular and versatile, the HCB hanging crane scales are ideal for weighing small suspended loads up to 200kg. HCB scales are highly versatile suspended weighing devices used in various applications from weighing fish or game to weighing luggage or suitcases.

The scale comes complete with selectable Newton weighing units, so basic force measurement applications are now possible. An in-built peak hold function allows the user to easily record weighing values.

Supplied with stainless steel snap link (carabiner type) top hook and open `S` shaped weighing hook, batteries are included making the scale ready to use straight out of the box. Auto-power off function after 3 minutes if no load applied helps to save battery life (this can be disabled).

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