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Kern CM Pocket Scale

Kern CM Pocket Scale

The Kern CM pocket scale is designed to be rugged, portable and versatile with a weighing area protected by a hinged cover and a built-in calculator on the other side of the scale, providing a useful dual purpose function. The CM pocket scale ranges from 60g to 1kg capacity with 0.01g to 1g readability. 

The CM pocket scale is an inexpensive, multi-purpose portable scale that can be conveniently kept in a jacket pocket. Typical uses include:

Need more information on pocket scales? Please see our blog article on how to use a pocket scale for multi-purpose weighing.

Available Models

NameCapacityReadabilityPan SizeResolutionManufacturerFeatures OtherPrice
CM 60-2N60g0.01g80mm x 70mm - Kern - £84.00
CM 150-1N150g0.1g80mm x 70mm - Kern - £57.00
CM 320-1N320g0.1g80mm x 70mm - Kern - £60.00
CM 1K1N1000g1g80mm x 70mm - Kern - £57.00
Published prices as of 24th June 2019