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M1 Class Calibration Test Weight Finely Turned Brass Box Sets

This product is available in a range of 15 configurations such as different maximum capacity, readability (precision of measurement), pan size, and so on. Please view the list below for the one most suited to your requirements. Additional information about the different models can be found in the 'models list' below.

Products in Range

Variant/Model (15 available)


343-424 M1 Class 1mg - 50g Boxed Test Weight Set


344-434 M1 Class 1g - 100g Boxed Test Weight Set


343-434 M1 Class 1mg - 100g Boxed Test Weight Set


344-444 M1 Class 1g - 200g Boxed Test Weight Set


343-444 M1 Class 1mg - 200g Boxed Test Weight Set


344-454 M1 Class 1g - 500g Boxed Test Weight Set


343-454 M1 Class 1mg - 500g Boxed Test Weight Set


344-464 M1 Class 1g - 1kg Boxed Test Weight Set


343-464 M1 Class 1mg - 1kg Boxed Test Weight Set


344-474 M1 Class 1g - 2kg Boxed Test Weight Set


343-474 M1 Class 1mg - 2kg Boxed Test Weight Set


344-484 M1 Class 1g - 5kg Boxed Test Weight Set


343-484 M1 Class 1mg - 5kg Boxed Test Weight Set


348-22 M1 Class 1mg - 500mg Boxed Test Weight Set


344-424 M1 Class 1g - 50g Boxed Test Weight Set

M1 calibration weight box set manufactured by Kern. This turned brass range consists of a wide selection of boxed calibration weights ranging from 1mg-500mg sets to 1g to 5kg sets. Perfect for precise calibration of most standard weighing scales and balances.

Kern's M1 Class gram test weights are constructed from finely turned brass and come complete with OIML compliance. M1 calibration weights are used to externally calibrate standard weighing scales including bench, compact, industrial and retail scales.

Correctly selected test weights with calibration certificate are the pre-requisite for ensuring that your balances and scales are not only correctly adjusted, but also correctly calibrated. Scheduled testing of your balances with such test weights helps to guarantee your quality requirements and to maintain your quality targets.

Here's how you find the right test weight for your balance: A balance can never be more accurate than the test weight used to adjust it, it all depends on its tolerance. Accuracy of the test weight, should correspond to the readout of the balance, or rather be better.

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