Today we are taking a little look at the rather hefty weight of presents that Father Christmas may have to ferry around the world this Christmas eve. Give the guy a cheer and a thought as, at over 500 years old, he has a lot on his plate at this time of year for a pensioner. Current figures suggest that there are over 2.2 billion (2,200,000,000) children around the world at the moment. Taking a look at some common toys that boys and girls might like and how heavy they are:

A Rosie doll is 240g Transformer Bumblebee 59g Football 440g Monopoly: 812 g Bike: 15 Kg

Let us assume, for the sake of simplicity, that one-fifth of the children (440,000,000) get one of these presents each.

Doll: 240g * 440,000,000 = 105600000kg Tranformer: 59g * 440,000,000 = 25960000kg Football: 440g * 440,000,000 = 193600000kg Monopoly: 812g * 440,000,000 = 357280000kg Bike: 15,000g * 440,000,000 = 6600000000kg

That gives a rather weighty (ahem) total of 7,282,440,000kg

that equates to: 16,055,031,966 lbs

or 7,167,424 imperial tons

or 8,027,515 US tons

To weigh these out on a single Adam PT Platform scale PT315 [GK], with a capacity of 3,000,000g, would take 2,427,480 separate loads. That would mean weighing about 5 loads a minute, all year round to weigh the whole lot.

Of course, he doesn't actually have to carry that amount as he has a magic sack but it still one massive shipping and logistics exercise so don't forget to leave the old chap a mince pie and something nice to drink, he deserves it.