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  1. Do You Know the Difference Between Weighing Scales and Balances?

    A scale and a balance are both weighing machines, and the terms are often incorrectly used interchangeably. What's the difference?

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  2. Inscale Now Offering Kern Approved Medical Scales

    Inscale are now offering Class III approved medical scales manufactured by German weighing scale manufacturer, Kern.
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  3. Inscale's Big Weighing Scale Clearance

    Inscale UK are now selling a wide selection of reduced-to-clear weighing scales, balances and accessories. Looking for a cheap weighing scale or balance? Browse our clearance section online today!
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  4. Bench Scale Face Off: Adam Latitude vs Adam LBK

    An in-depth comparison of Adam Equipment's LBK and the new Latitude compact bench scales. Which is best for you?
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  5. Microscopes Now Offered by Measurement Shop UK

    Inscale UK are pleased to announce that sister-site Measurement Shop are now selling a wide selection of microscopes and optical devices.

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  6. Inscale UK Unveils New Range of Weighing Scales

    Inscale unveil new range of scales, including the IFS floor platform scales, IBS bench checkweighing scale and the IP68-rated IWS stainless steel scale.

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  7. Free Delivery at Inscale Scales

    Inscale offers free standard delivery to the mainland UK, excluding the highlands, for shipping weights less than 20kg. Read on to find out the details. 

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  8. A Closer Look at Adam Equipment's ABL Analytical Balance

    This blog article shall examine Adam Equipment's ABL semi-micro analytical balance as well as look at the different types of analytical balance available on the market today.

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  9. Floor Scales: How to Achieve the Best Weighing Results

    This blog post shall examine floor scales - What is a floor scale? How are floor scales used? And how to choose the best floor scale for your weighing needs.

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  10. A Guide to Choosing the Best Mechanical Scale

    A mechanical scale or balance is a precise weighing device that does not require a power supply in order to weigh an object. They are typically inexpensive, portable and easy to use, and are ideal for teaching students concepts of mass measurement.

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