Inscale, an independent company specialising in weighing and measurement equipment, is pleased to announce that it is now an authorised dealer for A&D scales and balances. Inscale will provide sales and service support for A&D instruments range of products, including microbalances and industrial weighing solutions.

With more than 30 years experience, Inscale has offered scales and balances from a variety of manufacturers, at different price points. This provides customers with an array of choices to fill their needs and also fit their budgets, according to Robert Taylor, manager of Inscale. A&D is a well-known name in the weighing industry, which means users are familiar with the product line.

It's a winning deal for both Inscale and A&D, who will reap the rewards of expanded exposure by joining Inscale's product offering. Inscale is able to supply these products to U.K. and international customers.

"By adding A&D to our selection, it lets us reach more people who know the A&D brand and are looking for their products," Mr. Taylor said. "And with easier access to A&D products, Inscale customers will enjoy the benefits of a broader selection, allowing them to find the best product for their needs, by adding the entire range of A&D products we are offering a 'one stop shop' experience to meeting customer demands and have solutions to almost every weighing requirement."

Inscale representatives are knowledgeable about the scale and balance industry, and they're experienced in providing excellent customer service and advice, Mr. Taylor said. A reliable and trusted supplier, Inscale's long history of providing excellence in the weighing scale industry also means shoppers can enjoy complete confidence when making online purchases.

Take a look at our range of A&D weighing scales and balances

   A&D HC-i Series Counting Scales A&D HR Series Analytical Balances
 A&D MS Moisture Balance  A&D HC-i Series Counting Scales A&D HR Series Analytical Balances


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Inscale Ltd. is a U.K.-based company with more than 30 years of experience in the weighing and load cell industry. We believe in providing our customers with the best service possible, which gives us a reputation for quality, service and value. Our product range includes precision, analytical and portable balances, counting scales, medical scales, as well as retail scales and a wide range of industrial scales. For more information about Inscale's services and product range, go to [].