Adam Equipment has announced the release of a new compact bench scale called the Latitude. As the Latitude is the spiritual successor to the popular Adam LBK bench scale (at the time of writing the LBK is still currently available but very low on stock) we thought we should do a little a comparison between the two and see what new features, if any, make the Latitude a step-up from its predecessor.

Bench scales are essentially weighing scales that are designed for use on a worktop or workbench surface. These scales are highly versatile and are often used in packing warehouses, parcel weighing, counting screws and tools in manufacturing, and measuring ingredients in commercial kitchens.

Latitude vs LBK

Comparing the Latitude and the LBK

 The LatitudeThe LBKNotes
Image The new Adam Latitude The Adam LBK Out goes the yellow and pale grey of the LBK and in comes the Latitude (LBX) with a dark blue fascia to co-ordinate with the blue underside.
Dimensions (WxDxH) 255x290x105mm 250x307x110mm Whilst ever so slightly wider, the Latitude is also slightly less deep and just a touch shorter. The two machines are basically similar in size.
Pan Size 245x180mm 250x180mm The pan size of the Latitude is 5mm smaller so they are pretty much the same. They can both take the same scoops. The pan on the latitude has a slight indentation making it easy to place the scoops centrally.
Power AC adaptor and rechargeable battery with 240 hours battery life. Chargeable via the mains adaptor or a USB cable. AC adaptor and rechargeable battery with a battery life of 70 hours. Chargeable with the mains adaptor. The Latitude is the clear winner here, boasting an impressive 240 hours battery life. The USB charging socket is a welcome addition meaning the weighing machine can be charged from a USB battery booster when out and about if needs be. We all have USB charging plugs these days too so this is super handy.
Capacity / Readability / Repeatability Four models: 3kg x 05g, 6kg x 1g, 12kg x 2g, 30kg x 5g Four models: 3kg x 05g, 6kg x 1g, 12kg x 2g, 30kg x 5g Both the Latitude and LBK offer 4 models with matching capacity and readabilities.
Below Balance Weighing Yes No  
Checkweighing Yes with audible alarm and red/yellow/green light indicators No This is a notable and welcome improvement over the LBK.
Stabilisation Time 1s 2s The Latitude has a faster stabilisation time
Percentage Weighing Yes Yes  
Parts Counting Yes Yes  
Weight 2.5kg 1.8kg The LBK is slightly lighter but both products are light and easy to move about.

Closing Thoughts

The LBK has been a stalwart product for Adam Equipment for around 10 years. In the Latitude we see a great replacement product, with more versatility at a decent price. The checkweighing indicator lights in particular are a great improvement for helping to achieve consistent food portion control and precise small parts counting.

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