Adam Equipment's MUW Health and Fitness Scale is a professional physician scale with bmi calculator. Perfect for health weighing solutions, The MUW bmi scale combines trusted design with the latest digital weighing technologies to create an ideal body scale for healthcare environments.

The MUW Uses Ultrasonic Technology for Measuring BMI

The MUW 300L uses ultrasonic features and cutting edge design in order to break away from its competitors in the fitness and medical scale market. These body composition scales calculate height from 80cm-210cm by means of ultrasonic detection, meaning that the patient or user needs to simply stand on the scale and let it take all measurements and calculations including weight, height and BMI value. - "The MUW does everything for you"

What is BMI?

BMI or Body Mass Index is a measurement system designed by healthcare professionals to determine a user's weight in relation to their height. The measurement is then categorised into underweight, of normal weight or overweight based on their BMI result.  

Who Can Use the MUW Health and Fitness Scales?

The MUW 300L can be used by doctors and other healthcare professionals as a high quality bmi scale for monitoring patients weight over an extended period of time. The MUW is a medical scale that has been customised to output patient and physician identification information without breaching confidentiality. An RS-232 interface allows for speedy connection to computers and thermal printers.

Fitness centers, gyms, health clubs and hotels can use the MUW 300L as high quality body fat scales. The ultrasonic technology allows measurements to be taken with ease and can be monitored to show positive improvements from when a user begins their fitness routine to present, allowing fitness instructors to record a users progress at regular intervals within their training programme.

MUW Digital Health & Fitness Scales
MUW 300L Health and Fitness Scale

 Product Specification

The MUW 300L carries an overall capacity of 300000g, a 50g readability and a 375mm x 375mm pan size. The MUW design features a backlit LCD that is easily visible in any lighting conditions and shows height, weight and BMI on one screen, eliminating the need to scroll through readings.

Product Features

Constructed with the user in mind, the MUW body scales feature:

  • An anti-slip platform for user safety
  • Colour-coded keys for quick recognition, 
  • Built in rechargeable battery 
  • Integrated wheels that permit easy movement.
  • Weight conversion values: g, kg, lb, lb:oz
  • Height conversion from cm to inches


Adam Equipment's MUW scales are becoming increasingly popular within the fitness and medical weighing scale markets. It's ultrasonic features make it stand out from the competition whilst retaining complete structural integrity and reliability. Whether you are after a bmi scale for professional use or a high-quality body scale for casual weight reference, the MUW can be relied upon to provide the precision and accuracy needed for all of your weighing needs.

MUW digital weighing scales are the perfect choice for fitness and healthcare professionals worldwide.

Take a look at the MUW 300L Health and Fitness Scale today!