Packing Box

The holiday season is a busy time for retailers that provide shipping for their customers, who expect their purchases to arrive intact and on time. Careful packaging, accurate weighing and correct postage are essential to timely delivery, which is often the key to customer satisfaction.

If you’re a retailer, you want your holiday season to go smoothly. To decrease returns and minimise customer complaints, your shipping department needs to be top-notch. If buyers are pleased with your products, prices, service and shipping, it will pay off in the end when they spend money at your business once again.

Why do i need a postage scale?

An accurate shipping scale is essential for weighing parcels prior to distribution, as it helps ensure postage is correct. Once a customer has made their purchase, it’s your responsibility to ensure the product is delivered safely and as quickly as possible. That means doing a bit of preparation ahead of time. Make sure your supply of packaging products is adequate. That includes envelopes for smaller products, boxes for larger items, protective padding or filler, packing tape and scales for weighing packages. Your goal should be to protect your items, but also to ship them in the lightest and/or smallest container possible, to keep your shipping costs down.

Top 5 tips for saving your shipping department time and money

1) Use postal or parcel Scales

It’s important for retail outlets that ship products daily to have adequate parcel or postage scales for any time of the year, but it’s absolutely essential during the busy holiday season. Accurate measurement of a package’s weight is important, because you don’t want to face extra charges for the shipment. Not only that, the carrier could decline your package if the weight is listed incorrectly. Bench scales such as the LBK or Inscale's IBW make the best parcel and postal scales due to their compact design, perfectly sized weighing pan and easy to use keypad interface; ideal for weighing packages for distribution. Alternatively, other compact scales such as the Dune Portable Compact Balances also provide fast, easy weighing and accurate measurements that can be used fpr weighing smaller sized envelopes. 

2) Pack small items into envelopes

You can save money on postage if you pack small, lightweight products into envelopes. They save time since they’re already constructed, unlike boxes. You can choose the type that suits your needs, as they’re available in padded or unpadded versions. Some are constructed of cardboard, while others are plastic, which offers greater protection against moisture. Some mailing envelopes have an adhesive strip already included, so you don’t need tape to seal the envelope. You can use postal scales in order to check the weight of your envelope before shipping to give you an accurate measure of your expected delivery costs. 

3) Keep a selection boxes for every occasion

Maintain a supply of boxes in a selection of sizes. Postage is based on the size and weight of the package, so you’ll want to use a box that fits the product, since larger boxes cost more to send - We recommend that you check the weight of your package with approved parcel scales prior to dispatch in order to calculate the estimated cost of delivery. By tailoring your package to the size of the box your shipping costs will be minimized because smaller boxes cost less to ship, and boxes that are closer to the size of the product don’t need as much packing material to cushion the item. 

4) Use packing materials!

Don’t scrimp on protective packing, as it can prevent damage to the item inside the box. You can purchase Styrofoam peanuts to fill the excess space and cushion the product, or you can use newspapers, which are free but can weigh a bit more. 

5) Keep an ample supply of packaging tape

Tape is available in a selection of strengths, lengths, widths and colors. The choice is yours, but make certain it is strong enough to hold the box together.

Best Value Postage Scales from Inscale

To ensure your holiday shipping runs smoothly, Inscale offers many types of parcel and postage scale that can facilitate the shipping process for retail businesses during the upcoming shopping season:

Inscale IBW Portable Bench Scale

IBW Inscale Portable Bench Scale
IBW Inscale Portable Bench Scale 

The Inscale IBW portable bench scale offers quick weighing, with simple six-key operation and colour-coded keys for easy operation. The large backlit display is easy to read and clearly shows weight and weighing units that are being used. A built-in rechargeable battery allows the IBW to be used anywhere without the need for external power sources.

Adam Equipment CB Compact Portable Scale

CB Compact Balances
CB Compact Balances 

CB compact portable scales can manage most small weighing tasks, such as measuring small packages or envelopes. Compact and efficient, the CB portable scale transports easily and is powered by battery or an optional AC adapter. A sealed keypad and one-piece housing make the CB portable scale simple to clean, and help protect internal components from dirt and spills.

A&D HL-i Compact Scale

A&D HL-i Compact Scale
A&D HL-i Compact Scale 

The HL-i compact scales are suitable for use in the office and warehouse. Tough ABS construction assures long service life and over a wide temperature range. Easily portable, the HL-i scale weighs in grams, ounces or pounds:ounces.

Adam Equipment LBK Weighing Scale

LBK Weighing Scales
LBK Weighing Scales 

Sleek and compact, the LBK weighing scale takes up minimal bench space yet provides a full serving of features. The LBK is simple to use, with five weighing units and modes suitable for many different applications. A sealed keypad, ABS plastic housing and large stainless steel pan are easy to clean.

Adam Equipment ABK Bench Scale

ABK Bench Weighing Scales
ABK Bench Weighing Scales 

ABK bench scales are ideal for most weighing and counting applications in a variety of settings. The oversized LCD provides a high degree of visibility in any lighting conditions, including mailrooms and in shipping/receiving departments.

Adam Equipment CPWplus Scale

CPWplus Bench and Floor Scales
CPWplus Weighing Scales 

Simple to operate and versatile, the CPWplus series of weighing scales includes bench scales, platform scales and wheeled scales. Models offer durable construction, and are available in a selection of stainless steel platform sizes. CPWplus is suited for many types of weighing on the loading dock or in shipping and receiving areas.

Kern DE Platform Scale

Kern DE-D Platform Scale
Kern DE-D Platform Scale 

Compact and lightweight, the Kern DE platform scale is a portable scale that features battery operation and is useful for shipping departments or offices. The DE platform scale offers flexible positioning of the display, which can be free-standing or mounted to the wall (optional).