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The Inscale Blog: Health & Beauty Weighing

This section contains a selection of blog posts, how to guides and product overviews relating to health, fitness and medical weighing.
Inscale Now Offering Kern Approved Medical Scales
The Importance of Weighing Scales in Sports

The Importance of Weighing Scales in Sports

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From professional athletes to playing football with friends, sports are an integral part of society that allows us to socialise with the world around us.

This article will examine the importance of weighing scales in sports, including how scales are used to monitor a competitor’s weight in professional martial arts, and how they can be used as part of a daily training programme.

Inscale's Guide to Wheelchair Weighing Scales
The Importance of Weighing Cosmetics
The Importance of Weighing Herbal Supplements

The Importance of Weighing Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements have been used for centuries as a way to monitor health, boost immune systems and alleviate symptoms that are considered a result of certain mineral or vitamin deficiencies. However, have you considered the process behind the product? This blog post will examine herbal supplements—how they work, how they are used, regulations and the importance of weighing.

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