In today’s age of convenience, nearly everyone is looking for solutions to make their work easier and their lives simpler. Weight and measurement is an essential part of both life and work, whether it’s weighing ingredients for a recipe, or checking postage on a parcel before mailing. Pocket scales can provide the answer for anyone who’s in the market for a portable scale to perform simple, fast weighing on the go. 

What are pocket scales?

Pocket scales are portable weighing instruments that are small enough to carry in a pocket. Despite their small size they can accomplish just about anything a regular-sized weighing scale can and are used by schools, jewellers and in laboratories for measuring small object mass. 

What are the advantages of using a pocket scale?

Typically, pocket scales are relied upon for their convenience. They are postable, easy to use weighing scales and. as a result, their popularity is on the rise. Home-based business owners appreciate the space-saving options provided by pocket scales. Additionally, they’re reasonably priced, and affordability is hard to ignore. Lightweight digital pocket scales are the perfect solution for many weighing tasks, whether in your home, in an office or in the field.

What are pocket scales used for?

Digtal pocket scales are adaptable weighing scales that are used within a wide variety of industries. For example, jewellers are able to quickly assess the weight and value of gold, gems and precious metals when selling jewellery or buying scrap gold and silver for reuse.

Home-based business owners can use pocket scales to weigh envelopes and small parcels prior to mailing to ensure they contain adequate postage, avoiding unexpected delivery costs. 

In household kitchens or in restaurants, bakers and chefs rely on digital pocket scales to measure ingredients for recipes. For those on restricted diets, it’s easy to verify food amounts using a digital pocket scale, either at home or while dining out. These scales are a great way to be certain you aren’t overestimating a serving, especially when it’s one of those little packaged treats that says “only 100 calories per serving.” When you grab your glasses to read the tiny print, you find there are actually five servings in the package that you just ate.

Pharmacies use pocket scales as a convenient way to measure medicines and ointments. In health food stores, customers and vendors alike find pocket scales to be a helpful, affordable method for measuring bulk herbs and spices. 

How to choose a pocket scale

The first thing to ask yourself when you’re shopping for a pocket scale is “what are my needs?” Make a wish list of the features that are most important to you, such as capacity, accuracy, durability, size and functions. Once you do that, you’ll have a better idea about where to start looking.

With pocket scales, the general rule is the same as with any purchase: the more features and benefits, the higher the price. This is a great time to take a few minutes and assess your finances. Ask yourself what you can afford, and be realistic in your expectations. If money is not a problem, then by all means, treat yourself and load up on features. But if your budget is tight, you may need to forgo some features on your list.

Once you’ve narrowed down the list, you’re ready to buy a pocket scale. Inscale offers a selection of pocket scales to meet all of your weighing needs.

Kern CM Pocket Scale

Kern CM Pocket Scale

Capacity: 60g – 1000g
Readability: 0.01g – 1g
Pan size: 80mm X 60mm

The rugged CM pocket scale is wallet-sized, allowing it to fit conveniently in a jacket pocket. The CM pocket balance is designed with a hinged cover to help protect the weighing area from dust and pressure. Powered by three AAA batteries, the CM features a useful built-in calculator, providing the ability to perform calculations while weighing.

Kern TCB Pocket Scale

Kern TCB Pocket Scale

Capacity: 200g
Readability: 0.1g
Pan size: 80mm (round)

The TCB pocket scale offers portability and utility in an elegant design, making it an attractive choice for weighing on the go. Easy to use, the TCB features two-key operation and a convenient revolving weighing plate, which rotates to protect the balance against overload. TCB slips comfortably into a pocket and is ready to use, with batteries included. An auto power-off function preserves battery life.