Retail & Commercial Weighing

This section contains a selection of blog posts, how to guides and product overviews relating to retail and commercial weighing.
  1. Inscale's Guide to Force Gauges

    Instruments used to measure force are known as force gauges and are usually small measuring devices with either digital or mechanically operated systems. Generally, a force is defined as being ‘something that changes the motion of an object’, whether that be to push, pull or even break.

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  2. The Positives of Negative Checkweighing

    While many operators use scales for checkweighing day-in-and-day-out, there are still a large majority that do not realise that their scale has an inverse checkweighing feature, let alone the benefits of using this over standard checkweighing. This article shall explore negative checkweighing, illustrating the many ways in which this can be used to streamline weighing procedures in your business.

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  3. How Inscale Helped Zero-Waste Company Bare + Fair Legally Sell Products by Weight

    Bare + Fair, a zero-waste shop specialising in sustainable homewares and personal care products, wanted an affordable, simple and efficient way to measure quantities of their refill products by weight. To tackle the problem, they chose from Inscale the AZextra 6, a price computing scale with UK trade approvals for buying and selling products by weight.
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  4. How Weighing Scales Can Help Breweries and Distilleries

    This post will provide a brief overview of brewing and distilling, and how owning the proper weighing equipment is an essential part of any brewing business.
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  5. A Quick Guide to Scales Used in Clothing and Textile Industries

    The textile industry involves the design and production of raw materials and fabric used to create products sold in the marketplace. Textiles must be accurately measured to ensure that the correct amount of material is produced for each product.
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  6. Inscale’s Complete Weighing Scale Guide to Christmas

    With the festive season fast approaching, it is essential that you are fully prepared to avoid the holiday panic. Whether you are a business preparing stock for a busy holiday sales season, or a homeowner looking to organise your home in time for Christmas, we are confident that our weighing scales can help make your Christmas a whole lot easier.
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  7. Bakeries: Why You Should Use an Accurate Weighing Scale for Baking

    An accurate baking scale helps ensure consistency that is essential for following complex recipes’ and producing baked products for commercial sales. This blog post will examine how and why weighing scales are used for baking and why they are essential for any catering business.

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  8. Floor Scales: How to Achieve the Best Weighing Results

    This blog post shall examine floor scales - What is a floor scale? How are floor scales used? And how to choose the best floor scale for your weighing needs.

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  9. The Raven Approved Price-Computing Scale Brings Function and Flair to Retail Applications

    The Raven features a sleek, black exterior that brings an aura of elegance to retail counters. With ABS plastic housing, the Raven is lightweight and durable enough to endure the demands of any retail establishment where pricing is based on weight.

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  10. How to Use Washdown Scales

    A good washdown scale is outfitted with stainless steel construction and thorough sealing, enabling it to withstand thorough, frequent cleaning with a high-pressure washer or a hose. This allows for removal of any residual particles after weighing, which minimises the possibility of cross-contamination, removes dirt build-up and helps eliminate the growth of bacteria, mould or other toxins.

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