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  1. When Should I Weigh Myself and How Often Should I do it?

    It’s no secret that regularly weighing yourself is an essential way of keeping track of your fitness progress and making sure you accomplish your long-term health goals. But when should you do it? And how often?
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  2. Inscale's Guide to Force Gauges

    Instruments used to measure force are known as force gauges and are usually small measuring devices with either digital or mechanically operated systems. Generally, a force is defined as being ‘something that changes the motion of an object’, whether that be to push, pull or even break.

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  3. Do You Know the Difference Between Weighing Scales and Balances?

    A scale and a balance are both weighing machines, and the terms are often incorrectly used interchangeably. What's the difference?

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  4. The Positives of Negative Checkweighing

    While many operators use scales for checkweighing day-in-and-day-out, there are still a large majority that do not realise that their scale has an inverse checkweighing feature, let alone the benefits of using this over standard checkweighing. This article shall explore negative checkweighing, illustrating the many ways in which this can be used to streamline weighing procedures in your business.

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  5. Where Weighing Scales are Useful for Maintaining Aquariums & Ponds

    In this article, we will examine how weighing scales are often crucial to the successful maintenance of aquariums, from weighing water for tank capacities to measuring chemicals, treatments and minerals in precise amounts.
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  6. Why You Should Use Weighing Scales for Sausage Making

    Designed for butchers, meat aficionados and home catering businesses alike, this article will demonstrate the importance of weighing scales in sausage making. Learn how weighing scales can help you craft the best bangers this summer!
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  7. Inscale Now Offering Kern Approved Medical Scales

    Inscale are now offering Class III approved medical scales manufactured by German weighing scale manufacturer, Kern.
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  8. How Inscale Helped Zero-Waste Company Bare + Fair Legally Sell Products by Weight

    Bare + Fair, a zero-waste shop specialising in sustainable homewares and personal care products, wanted an affordable, simple and efficient way to measure quantities of their refill products by weight. To tackle the problem, they chose from Inscale the AZextra 6, a price computing scale with UK trade approvals for buying and selling products by weight.
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  9. How Weighing Scales Can Help Breweries and Distilleries

    This post will provide a brief overview of brewing and distilling, and how owning the proper weighing equipment is an essential part of any brewing business.
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  10. Inscale's Big Weighing Scale Clearance

    Inscale UK are now selling a wide selection of reduced-to-clear weighing scales, balances and accessories. Looking for a cheap weighing scale or balance? Browse our clearance section online today!
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