Academic & Educational Weighing

This section contains a selection of blog posts, how to guides and product overviews relating to weighing experiments and equipment in school classroom environments.
  1. Inscale's Guide to Force Gauges

    Instruments used to measure force are known as force gauges and are usually small measuring devices with either digital or mechanically operated systems. Generally, a force is defined as being ‘something that changes the motion of an object’, whether that be to push, pull or even break.

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  2. Scales for Schools: How to Buy the Best Weighing Scale for Your Classroom

    With the school summer holidays fast approaching, it is the best time to ensure that you are fully prepared for the school year ahead. As teacher’s, we understand that keeping up with the curriculum can prove challenging, however it is important that you are as prepared as possible for the year ahead in order to minimise unwanted challenges caused by malfunctioning or limited equipment. To this effect, we have provided a comprehensive list of the best weighing scales we have to offer for every tier of education.

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  3. Inscale’s Guide to Portable Weighing Scales

    This post takes a closer look at both portable and handheld scales, discussing the differences, why they are used, and the advantages over other types of weighing devices.

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  4. Microscopes Now Offered by Measurement Shop UK

    Inscale UK are pleased to announce that sister-site Measurement Shop are now selling a wide selection of microscopes and optical devices.

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  5. Using an Anti-vibration Table

    This guide will examine anti-vibration tables; what they are, and how they can be used to achieve more consistent weighing results.

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  6. A Guide to Choosing the Best Mechanical Scale

    A mechanical scale or balance is a precise weighing device that does not require a power supply in order to weigh an object. They are typically inexpensive, portable and easy to use, and are ideal for teaching students concepts of mass measurement.

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  7. How to Choose the Best Weighing Scale for Your Classroom

    Providing the best weighing scales for your students can make the difference between a successful, engaging lesson to a stressful and forgettable learning experience. Many classroom experiments require students to record some form of measurement for safely mixing chemical compounds together. It is essential to use education scales and balances that are both accurate and reliable.

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  8. Adam Equipment Introduces Additions to Dune Series of Portable Precision Balances

    Adam Equipment, a leading manufacturer of weighing equipment for professionals worldwide, has added three new models to its line of Dune portable precision balances available in the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.

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  9. How to Keep Your Lab Scale Working Optimally

    A laboratory balance is often one of the most valuable and expensive pieces of equipment used in laboratories, therefore it is essential that your balance is handled with care and regularly maintained. Keeping your lab balance operating smoothly and efficiently increases the lifespan of the device, reducing the need for unnecessary replacement.
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