Monthly Archives: April 2017

  1. Make Your Pizza Business Profitable With The CPWplus Weighing Scale

    Learn how Adam Equipment's CPWplus weighing scale can help make your pizza business profitable.

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  2. How to Test Repeatability of a Laboratory Scale

    Repeatability (also referred to as precision) is the ability to consistently produce identical results when the same weight is placed on the same weighing balance multiple times under identical conditions. Good repeatability is essential for laboratory balances due to the delicate nature in which they are used.

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  3. Internal or External Calibration: Which is Right for You?

    Calibration is essential to increase a scale or a balance’s longevity. It is also a necessary process to ensure valid data during rigorous testing. Some analytical and precision balance models offer internal instead of external calibration, but what is the difference and which option is best for you?

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  4. The Benefits of using a Coin Counting Scale

    Coin counting scales are used within small-scale businesses right up to large-scale global companies for accurately counting currency. Counting scales ensure standardisation and decrease miscalculations resulting from human error. Learn more about how the CCEU can benefit your business!

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