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  1. What is EC Type approval?

    EC Type Approval can be granted to all electronic and most mechanical non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI). The instrument has to meet the essential requirements contained in the EC Directive 90/384/EEC as amended, and implemented into UK Law under the 1995 Regulations (SI 1995 No. 1907). The most common route for ensuring the essential requirements of the Directive are met is through the European Standard for NAWIs, BS EN 45501.

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  2. Inscale Helps With SOLAS Rule Amendments for Cargo Container Weighing

    Adjustments to SOLAS rules in July mean shippers must accurately state the weight of all containers transported over the seas prior to shipping.

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  3. What does the acronym OIML stand for and why is it important?

    The International Organisation of Legal Metrology was created to promote the global harmonisation of legal metrology (the science of measurement) procedures. Members of OIML are countries that use the OIML Recommendations to create National Standards for Metrology. In the European Union, the European standard EN45501 is based upon the OIML R76 for Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments.

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  4. Adam Equipment Scales Help out at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica

    Scientists at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica use an Adam industrial floor scale to weigh containers of rock and ice samples, in preparation for transport to research laboratories around the world. Click to learn more!
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  5. Considerations when Purchasing Scales for Soap Making

    Soap has been around for centuries, in fact the earliest form of soap making was found to date back to 2800BC. Modern soaps differ greatly from early times and the industry really took off in the late 1800's with the introduction of perfumes. 

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  6. Introducing the New Eclipse Analytical and Precision Balances

    Eclipse illuminates labs with stellar performance and a constellation of intuitive features

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  7. Good Things Come in Small Sizes With Pocket Scales

    Weight and measurement is an essential part of both life and work, whether it’s weighing ingredients for a recipe, or checking postage on a parcel before mailing. Pocket scales can provide the answer for anyone who’s in the market for a portable scale to perform simple, fast weighing on the go. Learn more about how pocket scales can help you!

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