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A&D GF Series Toploading Balances

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A&D GF Series Toploading Balances
Starting From: £640.00
A&D GF digital scales is the same high quality features of the A&D GX series without motorized internal calibration weight. This state of the art laboratory milligram measurement instrument incorporates the Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS) weigh cell delivering you the ultimate in response speed - Just ONE Second.

The stabilization time of one second is achieved when FAST is selected for the response rate to read a displayed value after a sample is placed on the pan. Other features include: a data memory function to store up to 40 sets of weighing data; Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) data output using the standard RS-232C serial interface; Large bright vacuum fluorescent display which lets you read the display from wherever you are working, even in a dimly lit area; Comparator Indicators displaying the comparison results; Capacity Indicator, displaying the weight value in percentage relative to the weighing capacity; Hold Function, provided for weighing a moving object such as an animal; Underhook, for measuring density and weighing magnetic materials; Density Mode, for calculating the density of a solid; Reference Card, provided for a quick reference to the balance operation; IP54 level dust & splash; Patented Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS)

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What do the 100g x 1mg type numbers mean?

When we show pairs of numbers such as 100g X 1mg or 12kg x 0.1g we are using an industry-wide shorthand which represents: capacity x readability. The 'x' does not mean multiply but could be read as 'with'.

Capacity is the maximum mass that can be measured on that scale or balance.

Readability is the smallest difference that the scale or balance can weigh to and display. Readability can be also be referred to as graduations, precision and resolution.

  • GF-200
    210g x 1mg
    £825.60 (Inc. VAT)
  • GF-300
    310g x 1mg
    £883.20 (Inc. VAT)
  • GF-600
    610g x 1mg
    £1,027.20 (Inc. VAT)
  • GF-800
    810g x 1mg
    £1,219.20 (Inc. VAT)
  • GF-1000
    1.1Kg x 1mg
    £1,315.20 (Inc. VAT)
  • GF-1200
    1.21Kg x 0.01g
    £768.00 (Inc. VAT)
  • GF-2000
    2.1Kg x 0.01g
    £825.60 (Inc. VAT)
  • GF-3000
    3.1Kg x 0.01g
    £883.20 (Inc. VAT)
  • GF-6000
    6.1Kg x 0.1g
    £864.00 (Inc. VAT)
  • GF-6100
    6.1Kg x 0.01g
    £1,099.20 (Inc. VAT)
  • GF-8000
    8.1Kg x 0.1g
    £950.40 (Inc. VAT)
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Model Capacity Readability Pan Size Full Specification
Print: 210g 0.001g 128mm x 128mm Show
Print: 310g 0.001g 128mm x 128mm Show
Print: 610g 0.001g 128mm x 128mm Show
Print: 810g 0.001g 128mm x 128mm Show
Print: 1100g 0.001g 128mm x 128mm Show
Print: 1210g 0.01g 165mm x 165mm Show
Print: 2100g 0.01g 165mm x 165mm Show
Print: 3100g 0.01g 165mm x 165mm Show
Print: 6100g 0.1g 165mm x 165mm Show
Print: 6100g 0.01g 165mm x 165mm Show
Print: 8100g 0.1g 165mm x 165mm Show
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A&D GF Series Toploading Balances Features


  • AC adapter included


  • 4 years warranty

  • Patented weighing mechanism Super Hybrid Sensor (SHS)

  • Ultra fast response speed - typically just one second

  • Standard RS232C serial data interface

  • Rugged aluminium alloy enclosure

  • 14 weighing units plus counting, percentage and user programmable

  • Wide range of capacities and resolutions

  • Built in under hook capability

  • Counting has A.C.A.I. feature for optimum results

  • Overload protected to take hard use

  • Last digit blanking via keypad if desired

  • GLP data output format to suit quality systems

  • Sealed keypad gives IP-54 protection level

  • Built in animal weighing software

  • Breeze break supplied as standard with all 1mg models

  • Supplied with free Windows Communication Tools (WinCT) software.



  • Weighing

  • Parts counting

  • Percentage weighing

  • Dynamic / animal weighing

  • Checkweighing