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A&D FS-i Checkweighing Scales

Manufactured by And
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A&D FS-i Checkweighing Scales
Starting From: £584.00
A&D's FS-i series washdown scales are IP65 rated stainless steel platform scales offering triple range resolutions. These bench scales are CE Approved and come with a tilting display head and digital keypad. Supported weighing units include kg and g. Versatile A&D washdown scales are heavy duty bench scales ideal for warehouses, factories, Meat Industry, Fishing Industry, Raw Product Packaging, Processed Vegetables, Chemical Industry, Filling Applications, Product Grading or production settings.

Quick, accurate, and reliable A&D platform scales can store 100 frequently weighed items in memory. The optional rechargeable Sealed Lead-Acid (SLA) battery improves FS-i series bench scales by allowing more flexibility when performing mobile weighing applications.

Select from 3 A&D FS-i models offering maximum capacities of 6000 grams, 15000 grams, or 30000 grams. FS-6Ki and FS-15Ki models come with 250 x 250mm weighing platforms. The A&D FS-30Ki bench scale comes with a larger 380 x 300mm weighing platform.

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What do the 100g x 1mg type numbers mean?

When we show pairs of numbers such as 100g X 1mg or 12kg x 0.1g we are using an industry-wide shorthand which represents: capacity x readability. The 'x' does not mean multiply but could be read as 'with'.

Capacity is the maximum mass that can be measured on that scale or balance.

Readability is the smallest difference that the scale or balance can weigh to and display. Readability can be also be referred to as graduations, precision and resolution.

  • FS-6Ki-EC

    6Kg x 2g
    £700.80 (Inc. VAT)
  • FS-15Ki-EC

    15Kg x 5g
    £700.80 (Inc. VAT)
  • FS-30Ki-EC

    30Kg x 10g
    £849.60 (Inc. VAT)
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Model Capacity Readability Pan Size Full Specification
Print: 6kg 2g 250mm x 250mm Show
Print: 15000g 5g 250mm x 250mm Show
Print: 30000g 10g 380mm x 300mm Show
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A&D FS-i Checkweighing Scales
A&D FS-i Checkweighing Scales 1
A&D FS-i Checkweighing Scales 1 A&D FS-i Checkweighing Scales 2 A&D FS-i Checkweighing Scales 3 A&D FS-i Checkweighing Scales 4 A&D FS-i Checkweighing Scales 5 A&D FS-i Checkweighing Scales 6

A&D FS-i Checkweighing Scales Features


  • Mains power cord


  • 3 years warranty

  • Non EC models are user selectable

  • Ultra Fast Weighing- Stability in 0.5 seconds

  • Trade approved models by NWML

  • IP65 Dustproof & Waterproof

  • Comparator Function- Pack to preset targets

  • Large Indicator Lights- Displays a HI LO or GO result against your targets

  • Analog Sweep Display (ASD)- Ideal for target filling with a fast flowing product

  • Backlight Function- Perfect for poorly lit work areas

  • Three Weighing Resolutions (1/3000 trade approved, 1/6000/7500, 1/12000/15,000)

  • Rechargeable Battery Supplied as standard- Up to 80 hours from one charge

  • Auto Power Off Function- Preserves Battery life by switching off if inactive

  • Memory Function- 100 Target Weight memory positions

  • UFC Function- Flexible Setup of print output



  • Weighing

  • Parts counting

  • Checkweighing